HQ Tel Aviv, Israel
CEO David Neeman
Founded 2014
Games Casino Games, Skill Games, Online Slots
Known for Skill Games
Number of Games 11+
HQ Tel Aviv, Israel
CEO David Neeman
Founded 2014
Games Casino Games, Skill Games, Online Slots
Known for Skill Games
Number of Games 11+


Skillzzgaming is an online casino software provider that was founded in 2015. The team became prominent by offering a combination of slots and casual games, creating engaging experiences.

They are best known for their combination of slots and match 3 games. These titles remain their most popular titles to this day.

If you have never played a release made by Skillzzgaming before, you are missing out. What other fun casino games does this developer have in store for its audience?

  • Eight slots and match 3 combination games
  • Two arcade releases with a luck element
  • Unconventional but fun titles with great features and big wins

Best Skillzzgaming Casinos

Originally, you could only find games made by this developer in Microgaming-affiliated online casinos. However, the team has grown since 2015.

They used that time to attract an audience of their own and can be found on many more websites. This variety of real money casinos allows players to be picky when choosing their favourites.

We ranked casinos based on promotions, payment methods, mobile support and what other games they offer. If you are looking for the best place to play Skillzzgaming titles? We recommend doing so in one of the following online gambling sites.

Skillzzgaming Slots

The team have a rather neat art style that you quickly learn to recognize when playing their titles. Most of their games have fantastic and detailed backgrounds and fluid animations.

This makes playing these titles very enjoyable. A good example of this can be seen in Alchemy Blast.

This title is all about magic and potions, and the background makes it obvious. Not to mention how smooth the animations are after you pop the symbols on the reels.

Good visuals often come backed up with creative themes to make them stand out as much as possible. Skillzzgaming slots feature many interesting themes, owing to their varied gameplay.

Players can journey through space, travel across the Wild West, or embrace their inner hippie in these games. In terms of theme, our favourite slot by far is Pets Go Wild.

It allows you to go on an adventure with several animals across a variety of locations. Concerts, film festivals, circuses, the beach and even the moon are some places you can visit!

All of Skillzzgaming’s slots follow the match 3 format. That also means traditional reel sizes and paylines rarely apply for these titles.

Many of them are played on a five-reel, five-row board, but this does not change things drastically. Payouts are also not awarded using paylines.

Instead, you need to destroy a certain number of symbols to fill up a bar. Each time a bar is filled up, you receive an appropriate prize.

Each game offers its own set of bonuses. However, these are not your typical Wilds or free spins. Each does its own thing!

In terms of RTP, the best slot Skillzzgaming offers has a 96.12% return to player. This is better than the 96% slot average, though not by much.

Best Skillzzgaming Slots

Picking our favourite online slots out of everything Skillzzgaming offers is no easy feat. Most of their slots are built on the same match 3 format.

However, you can easily separate them by their themes and special features. Each title brings something a little different to the table, and we love it that way.

They may not scratch the same itch traditional slots do. However, players looking for a different experience will adore these releases.

If you plan to check out Skillzzgaming titles, we suggesting playing one of the following match 3 slots.

#1 Battle Royale

Battle Royale

#2 Monster Blast

Monster Blast

#3 Olympus Fury

Olympus Fury

Skillzzgaming Games

Skillzzgaming features two titles that vary enough from slots that we consider them distinct games. One is their very first release, titled Mega Money Rush.

Players spin a wheel that can award power-ups, XP, and a win. When you land on a win, the inner wheel picks the value of the chests you can pick up.

To win the round, you have to race on a track, picking up coins as you go along. Make sure to grab chests for extra wins and power-ups to make racing easier!

Finally, the XP you collect allows you to go into other levels. Each new level is more difficult but offers better payouts to compensate.

Another interesting title is the team offers is Battle Royale. Players take control of a five-hero team and then go adventuring across numerous islands.

Monster battles are determined by what card you draw. You can draw a damage card or a death card. If you damage the enemy enough, it dies and grants a prize.

Draw the death card, and you lose that character for the round. The game also has fun bonuses, such as the treasure island and boss battles.

What to expect in the future

Most of the studio’s attention in recent years has gone into their match 3 slots. As such, players can expect to see more of those soon.

However, we would like to see more releases like Battle Royale and Mega Money Rush. Titles that break the norm and offer a unique gameplay experience.

No matter the next big thing Skillzzgaming chooses to do, we know one thing for sure. It will be something none of us was expecting!

About Skillzzgaming

HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel
CEO: David Neeman
Founded: 2014
Games: Casino Games, Skill Games, Online Slots
Known from: Skill Games
Number of Games: 11+

Skillzzgaming is a relatively new online casino software provider. Founded in 2015, the team built itself around the premise of making innovative games.

They opted for an approach that combines popular casual games and slots, creating a great blend of different genres. You will not find titles like Mega Money Rush made by anyone else in the industry!

Their unique approach to games led to them signing a distribution deal with Microgaming the same year they were founded. They have branched out since then and are now present in many casinos.