Old Skool Studios
HQ Vancouver, Canada
CEO Mike McrGraw
Founded 2010
Games Online slots
Known for Online slots
Number of Games 5+
Old Skool Studios
HQ Vancouver, Canada
CEO Mike McrGraw
Founded 2010
Games Online slots
Known for Online slots
Number of Games 5+

Old Skool Studios

Old Skool Studios is an online casino software provider founded in 2010. The Vancouver-based team has been around for a while, though their list of games is not that long.

For the most part, the developer was either contracted by others to assist in creating their slot. The team would not launch their first independent casino game until 2014!

In 2016, the developer reached an agreement with Microgaming, and the rest is history. What kind of titles can we expect from Old Skool Studios?

  • Only five slots
  • No other casino games
  • Microgaming First Party studio

Best Old Skool Studios Casinos

Due to their partnership with Microgaming, Old Skool Studios can be found in almost any Microgaming casino. Depending on the operator, they may be listed under their independent name or under Microgaming.

If you are looking for the best Canadian online casinos to play their slots in, we recommend one of the following websites.

Old Skool Studios Slots

The team has not launched many slots on their own. However, they have collaborated with other studios and co-produced many casino games.

That experience is immediately obvious when you see the visuals on Old Skool Studios’ current slots.

They are perfectly polished, with fluid animations, detailed backgrounds, and gorgeous symbol designs. For a great example of what the team is capable of, you can check out Maui Mischief.

Great theme picks are integral to making great visuals work. La Rogue is a very pretty game. However, it would not be half as striking if it did not have its film noir setting.

Other interesting settings include a tropical island, an underwater city, and islands with ancient civilisations that really love gems.

Sometimes, it is best to stick with what you know. For Old Skool Studios, that means a host of five-reel slots. Most titles use the traditional five-reel, three-row layout.

However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as Jewel Quest Riches that opts for a different playing field.

It also drops traditional paylines in favor of something that can recreate the experience of Jewel Quest games.

What kind of special features can players look forward to? Free spins, multipliers, gambles, and stacked symbols seem to be the most widespread bonuses.

They are not the only ones, however. Keep playing, and you will uncover additional special features. The highest return to player slot is Maui Mischief, with an RTP of 96.47%.

Best Old Skool Studios Slots

Currently, the software provider does not have many casino games it can offer. This is a shame because you can definitely see the team knows how to design interesting releases.

One thing we were not big fans of was the generally low RTP on most Old Skool Studios slots. We hope this improves in future releases.

However, if you can look past a lower than average RTP, we recommend checking out these games.

#1 Maui Mischief

Maui Mischief
Slot Type: Video Slot
Software: Old Skool Studios
Genre: Jungle
Features: Wilds, Free spins, Multipliers, Scatter symbols
RTP: 96.47%
Min. bet: $0.25 / Max. bet: $75

#2 Jewel Quest Riches

Jewel Quest Riches

#3 Temperance


Old Skool Studios Games

If you check the software provider’s LinkedIn page, you will see their description. Old Skool Studios is a Microgaming First Party studio creating premium slot games for real money casinos.

This little description tells us everything we need to know. The team will not be producing other casino games.

What to expect in the future

Old Skool Studios becoming so closely tied to Microgaming seems like the best option for them. The team has always lacked the resources to produce slots on their own.

With the backing of an iGaming giant, they can focus on creating interesting slots without worry. This deal works for everyone.

Microgaming gets more high-quality games for their Quickfire platform. Old Skool Studios gets the financial security they need.

Finally, players get fantastic slots they can enjoy. We do not see this arrangement changing anytime soon.

About Old Skool Studios

HQ: Vancouver, Canada
CEO: Mike McrGraw
Founded: 2010
Games: Online slots
Known from: Online slots
Number of Games: 5+

Old Skool Studios has a fascinating history. The company was founded in 2010, but they did not produce their first slot until 2014.

In that four-year gap, the developer collaborated with other companies. The studio even worked with Microsoft, producing three steampunk windows apps for them in January 2014.

A few months later, in October 2014, Epic City launched on Odobo, and then other online casinos.

The success of that slot led to more attention and contract work for Old Skool Studios. This would culminate in July 2016, when they reached an agreement with Microgaming.

The company would produce four slots exclusively for Microgaming’s Quickfire platform.

By 2019, the two companies signed another agreement. Old Skool Studios would become an independent first-party studio in Microgaming’s family.