HQ Sydney, Australia
CEO Jason Stokes
Founded 2002
Games Online slots, Social casino slots
Known for Online slots
Number of Games 30+
HQ Sydney, Australia
CEO Jason Stokes
Founded 2002
Games Online slots, Social casino slots
Known for Online slots
Number of Games 30+


GamesLab is an online casino software provider that was incorporated in 2008. Before that happened, it was and still is a member of the Blue Wombat Group.

The team is based in Sydney, Australia, and consists of mathematicians, game designers, graphic artists, sound designers, and many others.

The company’s primary focuses on online slots for real money casinos, though it dabbles in other types of gaming, too. Is the gameplay variety offered by GamesLab enough to propel them to success?

  • Over 15 slots
  • Even more social casino slots and puzzle games
  • Extensive library of brick-and-mortar slot games

Best GamesLab Casinos

Fans of GamesLab slots will know they can be somewhat difficult to find. Because of that, we went out of our way to find the best Canadian online casinos that feature this developer.

We looked at what titles they offer, the available promotions, payment methods, and support for Canadian players.

After putting everything together, we settled on the following list of online gambling sites. We highly recommend checking out any operator listed below if you want to play GamesLab releases.

Up to $500
150 Free Spins
Up to $500
100 Free Spins
Up to $750
150 Free Spins
Up to $2,000
200 Free Spins

GamesLab Slots

GamesLab has a talented art team, which is more than capable of drawing you in with pretty visuals. You do not have to take our word for it, either.

One glance at Olympus Infinity Reels shows just how talented they are. The background image is gorgeous, giving off an otherworldly feeling.

Animations are not as frequent as we would like them to be. However, the ones we do see in their online slots have seen were quite impressive.

The team from Australia loves all mythology, not just Greek ones. Many of their games feature mythological stories and creatures as inspiration.

We have slots with Chinese dragons, Norse Valkyries, Egyptian Pyramids, and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Out of all of them, Towering Pays Babylon is our favourite.

Their civilization is very interesting but is often overshadowed by Egypt or Greece. We are happy to see some representation for it.

In recent years, GamesLab has begun experimenting with features that mess with standard reel sizes and paylines. Many of their older titles follow a traditional five-reel, three-row formula.

However, many of their recent games featured either the Towering Pays system or the Infinity Reels system.

Both increase the size of the playing field in different ways, unlocking more paylines and opportunities to win. A great showcase of this is Towering Pays Egypt.

What bonuses can people expect from GamesLab releases outside of changing reels and paylines? You frequently find their slots feature free spins, mystery symbols, multipliers, the double feature, and the buy bonus.

The game with the highest return to player is Osiris. This slot features an RTP of 97.094%.

Best GamesLab Slots

While GamesLab does not have a massive list of games, their selection is quite competitive. Especially their newer releases, which do their best to try something different.

As such, picking the best GamesLab titles was more challenging than we first anticipated.

We considered volatility, RTP, top payouts, graphics, and special features when choosing the best online slots. After thorough deliberation, we settled on the following titles.

#1 Towering Pays Valhalla

Towering Pays Valhalla

#2 Olympus Infinity Reels

Olympus Infinity Reels

#3 Towering Pays Egypt

Towering Pays Egypt

GamesLab Games

If the name GamesLab seems familiar to you, then you might have come across their numerous brick-and-mortar slots. Many of these casino games have never been ported to online casinos.

It seems the team’s current focus is more on making new games rather than bringing over older titles.

We like that, but we would still enjoy seeing a few of their most popular titles brought online. We have no doubt older players would appreciate that quite a bit.

Players looking for standard casino games can end their search here. There are no blackjack or roulette titles to be found.

However, we did find it fascinating that GamesLab branched out of standard slots quite a bit. They made over twenty slots for their social casino, for example.

The team also designed standard phone games like Final War: 5 Dragons and Bomba. Both releases are match-3 puzzle games that can be played on Android and iOS devices.

What to expect in the future

We are not 100% sure what we can expect from the software provider just yet. Their recent forays into Towering Pays and Infinity Reels show great promise.

Instead of sitting around and sticking to what works, GamesLab is experimenting with new things. Their current slots look good and are fun to play.

If the team continues down this path, their success as an online slot software provider is guaranteed.

As for non-slot games, that remains to be seen. We would certainly love to see it, but GamesLab has shown no interest in other casino games.

We do think they might bring over some EGM titles online at some point. Giving them a slight visual upgrade and offering them to players is an easy way to attract attention.

About GamesLab

HQ: Sydney, Australia
CEO: Jason Stokes
Founded: 2002
Games: Online slots, Social casino slots
Known from: Online slots
Number of Games: 30+

There is not much information available regarding GamesLab. The team was formed from within the Blue Wombat group, which was founded in 2002.

Their success led to GamesLab being incorporated officially in 2008. Since then, the team has been producing several types of games.

Their primary focus are real-money casino slots and electronic gaming machines. However, the team has also started branching out into mobile and online markets.

This includes both real-money casinos and social gaming casinos. The team’s talents have gone even further than that. Between the slots they made, they also launched puzzle games, sports-themed mini-games, and even a visual novel.

They have been working together with ReelPlay to bring some awesome new online slots to the market.

We would have preferred to see the developer focus on other casino games instead of these types of projects. However, it does not feel like GamesLab has much interest in anything but slots.