FunFair Games
HQ Singapore
CEO Oliver Hopton
Founded 2017
Games Online slots, Table games
Known for Blockchain gaming
Number of Games 35+
FunFair Games
HQ Singapore
CEO Oliver Hopton
Founded 2017
Games Online slots, Table games
Known for Blockchain gaming
Number of Games 35+

FunFair Games

FunFair Games is an online casino software provider that was founded in 2017. The team has a strong vision for fair, decentralised online gaming powered by blockchain technology.

However, the developer wanted to do more than just innovate the backend. FunFair Games also create new multiplayer experiences that set them apart from other software providers.

What does this talented developer have in store for us? Keep reading to find out!

  • More than 10 slots
  • Over 25 other casino games
  • Variety of unique multiplayer releases

Best FunFair Games Casinos

With a focus on blockchain and innovative games, FunFair Games has successfully carved itself a niche in the iGaming space.

They are far from the most popular software provider currently on the market. However, their potential for growth is fantastic!

Right now, finding online casinos that have FunFair Games on their list can be very hard.

As such, we picked the best real money casinos for Canadians to enjoy these releases in. You can find the information listed below.

Up to $1500
150 Free Spins
Up to $300
200 Free Spins
Up to $1500
100 Free Spins
Up to $300
200 Free Spins

FunFair Games Slots

No matter what kind of game you are making, one thing is always true. The better your visuals look, the more player attention you will draw.

This is quite easy to see in many of their games, such as Shamrock Treasures. Here, the operator relies on a cute leprechaun and his stellar animations to draw you in.

Symbol designs and the background image also play a role. They help immerse players in the game’s theme, which we consider a huge plus.

Software providers try all kinds of exciting themes to spark player imaginations. After all, the charm of online slots is that they let us experience a different kind of world.

Cyber Hunter 2080 draws us into a futuristic world of high-tech crime. If robots dispensing justice are not your thing, there are many other slot themes to enjoy.

Pirates, ancient Egypt, Ireland, and outer space are just some themes FunFair Games toyed with over the years.

The developer is well known for making unique releases that break the mould. However, the same cannot be said for their slots.

They follow a set pattern with a five-reel, three-row playing field. The number of paylines is fixed to twenty in most releases.

A notable exception to this is Astro Wilds, which is the only one to stand out with twenty-five paylines.

We would like to see more slot-related things from FunFair Games, but we are not holding our breath. Their focus is outside of slots, after all.

What kind of special features can players look forward to in these releases? Most of the time, bonuses are basic but quite lucrative.

Free spins, multipliers, icon substitution, and cascading reels are all common to see in FunFair Games slots.

The highest return to player slot is Cyber Hunter 2080, with an RTP of 97.05%.

Best FunFair Games Casino Games

The selection of FunFair casino games is not large, but it still took time to find the best titles. You can see how the team tries to weave something new into each game they make.

Sometimes it works. Other times, it goes wrong. However, that did not stop FunFair Games from experimenting and producing even more casino games.

After playtesting all the games we could get our hands-on, we have the definitive answer with us. These are the best FunFair Games casino games listed below.

#1 AstroBoomers: To The Moon!

AstroBoomers: To The Moon!
Type of game: Variant on table game
Software: FunFair Games
RTP: 97.00%
Max multiplier: 2500x

#2 Cyber Hunter 2080

Cyber Hunter 2080
Slot Type: Video Slot
Software: FunFair Games
Genre: Other
Features: Free spins, Scatter symbols, Wilds, Bonus game
RTP: 97.05%
Min. bet: $0.20 / Max. bet: $100

#3 Shamrock Treasures

Shamrock Treasures

FunFair Games

If you ever wanted a software provider who does something different, then FunFair Games is worth keeping an eye on.

The team has been hard at work producing unique multiplayer experiences that combine gaming and gambling. The result is one of their most popular games, called AstroBoomers: to the Moon!.

In this game, players can load up astronauts into a rocket and send it off into space. The goal is to eject your crewmembers before an asteroid destroys your rocket.

The longer you wait with evacuating, the more cash you will win. A rather simple concept, but one that works quite well.

Other FunFair casino games can be split into two broad categories. One group contains table games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, three-card poker, Let it Ride, and video poker.

The other category contains interesting but still experimental releases. Fun Dice, Electrobet, and Crypto Trader Rush all show the potential of what FunFair Games wants to achieve.

While these unique releases are not multiplayer, they give us a hint as to what comes next for this talented developer.

What to expect in the future

Personally, we had a blast playing AstroBoomers: to the Moon. We planned to fool around with it for a couple of minutes.

Then, before we knew it, several hours had passed, and we were late for lunch!

If FunFair Games can maintain this level of quality in the future, we are not worried about the company. They have a clear vision for casino games, and they are working hard to make it a reality.

Ultimately, their success hinges on attracting a wider audience. If successful, the team is well-positioned to shake up the status quo that favours slots and live casino games.

If they fail, then it may be a while before another ambitious software provider tries to reinvent the wheel.

We know which outcome we would like to see. That is why we wholeheartedly recommend trying out releases made by FunFair Games.

About FunFair Games

HQ: Singapore
CEO: Oliver Hopton
Founded: 2017
Games: Online slots, Table games
Known from: Blockchain gaming
Number of Games: 35+

FunFair Games was founded in 2017 by a group of passionate developers. The company saw the power of blockchain and how it was being used for unlicensed gaming.

As such, the software provider set out to attract this audience to less shady channels. With the transparency of blockchain and new, innovative games, FunFair hopes their innovation will get them ahead of the pack.

With the launch of AstroBoomers: to the Moon, FunFair Games has begun drawing attention to themselves. The team was shortlisted for several prestigious awards.

First for the software rising star at the 2021 EGR B2B awards. Second for Content Creator of the Year and Game Innovation, which apply to FunFair Games and their latest launch, respectively.