Casimi Gaming
HQ Zlin, Checz Republic
CEO David Cechmanek
Founded 2020
Games Online Slots
Known for Online Slots
Number of Games 25+
Casimi Gaming
HQ Zlin, Checz Republic
CEO David Cechmanek
Founded 2020
Games Online Slots
Known for Online Slots
Number of Games 25+

Casimi Gaming

You cannot be a successful gaming software provider without a creative mind, innovative games, and top-tier design that will capture the eye of players. Fortunately for Casimi Gaming, it checks all of these boxes and provides online games that are captivating and extremely fun to play.

The Casimi Gaming team is focused on creating and delivering a top-quality experience for all players and works hard to provide a wide variety of themes and unique features across different slots so that each player can find a game that suits their style and adds to the thrill of the game.

The Casimi Gaming team puts their TransformWays game logic at the forefront of each game they provide to their players. TransformWays is an innovative game principle that gives Casimi Gaming an upper hand when it comes to competitors.

TransformWays decreases the operator’s influence on the game result to a minimum, giving players significant control over the transparency of the result and the game itself. So, the Casimi Gaming online slots not only provide a wide variety of themes and features for their players but also ensure that players get a fair result and an amazing gaming experience.

  • Innovative TransformWays game logic
  • Diverse game design and mechanics
  • Around 24 video slots
  • Games are available in 12 different languages

Best Casimi Gaming Casino

Seeing as this online gaming software provider was founded in 2020, it is fresh on the market and a relatively new player in the casino industry. However, with its games being available in 12 different languages and its diverse themes and features, it has expanded its reach beyond its native country, i.e., the Checz Republic, and has partnered with top aggregators to supply its games to Europe, Africa and other countries.

Of course, Casimi Gaming is still a small provider that has yet to reach its peak. Despite this, Casimi Gaming has partnered with around 17 different online casinos, and more will come.

We have compiled a list of the best websites where players can enjoy the top-notch experience that Casimi Gaming offers. So, if you want to test out the Casimi Gaming slots and get a fair and transparent game and result guaranteed by its TransformWays game logic, you can visit any of the following real money online casinos.

Casimi Gaming Slots

The main focus of the company and the Casimi Gaming team is, without a doubt, the online slots they design and supply to players. The art and style behind the Casimi Gaming slots are unique and distinctive. Each game has its own theme, special features, and an exquisite environment that players can enjoy.

Although Casimi Gaming does not offer as many games as its competitors, the ones it does offer range from simpler ones to more ambitious and complex games. What all of the games have in common, however, is a beautiful and attractive design that can satisfy the taste of all kinds of players.

Players can find various styles in the Casimi Gaming roster, from ancient Egyptian mythology, fruits, and card suits to an African safari, sports themes, and Asian-style games.

One thing that is unique to the Casimi Gaming slots is their ability to stand out from the crowd. They are designed to immediately attract the player’s eye, even if they are up against some of the most popular games out there.

Another unique feature of these online slots is their TransformWays game logic. The games that are released using this technology have the ability to create multiple outcomes from one game round, thus ensuring the transparency of the game result. Lot’s of recently released Casimi Gaming slots feature this technology, so players can enjoy multiple games that feature this mechanic.

The TransformWays feature is divided into three crucial areas: Essence, Result, and Purpose. All these areas come together to create a very distinct and unique platform that ensures fair play.

All Casimi Gaming slots use HTML5 technology, making them accessible on mobile devices. Additionally, there are free-to-play slots, multipliers, free spins, wild bonuses, pays-both-ways slots, and bookmaker-like markets where players can win real money across different game options.

The RTP of the Casimi Gaming slots varies depending on the casino game, with the highest value generally being 96.00%, which is the industry average.

Best Casimi Gaming Slots

Each Casimi Gaming slot game has its own appeal and a distinct audience it attracts. Of course, not all players will have the time to try out every single game in order to find their favorite one. That is why we have made a list of the best slots that his developer offers, which you can find below.

Our picks for the best slots were based on what each one of them has to offer, their themes, special features, rewards, and gameplay. Of course, do not worry if these picks are not to your liking because Casimi Gaming has lots more to offer!

#1 Respin Double

Respin Double slot screenshot

#2 Hexagona

Hexagona slot screenshot

#3 Fruity Square

Fruity Square slot screenshot

Casimi Gaming Games

If we consider that Casimi Gaming started its career quite recently, it’s no surprise that it has only released slot games thus far. However, we do hope that the Casimi Gaming team will branch out and show off their talent and skills by releasing other types of games as well.

What to Expect in the Future

The Casimi Gaming team has demonstrated their extreme passion, devotion, and dedication to their work through their unique game designs and their very own TransformWays game logic. Having in mind the growth this developer has seen in its short two-year existence, we would not be surprised if we see Casimi Gaming products plastered all over the best online casinos worldwide.

In fact, the Casimi Gaming team has already started working on its expansion and has formed partnerships with world-renowned aggregators and developers, including Blue Ocean Gaming, iSoftBet, Betconstruct and Betronic Software.

About Casimi Gaming

HQ: Zlin, Checz Republic
CEO: David Cechmanek
Founded: 2020
Games: Online Slots
Known from: Online Slots
Number of Games: 25+

There is not much information available about the company itself as of right now. However, what we do know is that the company was founded in 2020 by David Cechmanek. It has a team of highly-experienced professionals that work tirelessly on each release. Its headquarters are in Zlin, in the Checz Republic.

Aside from its website, Casimi Gaming has social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which players can follow.

Casimi Gaming has obtained a BMM Testlabs certification, which shows that all of its releases have been tested independently for compliance with gaming industry requirements.

Casimi Gaming is a newcomer that has managed to break through in the gaming industry and provide its own spin to online slots in a very short time frame. So, we will definitely follow its new releases closely and watch out for any new features its team might come up with!