Buck Stakes Entertainment
HQ Durban, South Africa
CEO Andrew Guy
Founded 2021
Games Online Slots
Known for Online Slots
Number of Games 3+
Buck Stakes Entertainment
HQ Durban, South Africa
CEO Andrew Guy
Founded 2021
Games Online Slots
Known for Online Slots
Number of Games 3+

Buck Stakes Entertainment

Buck Stakes Entertainment is an online casino software provider that was founded in 2021. The team is composed of iGaming industry veterans from South Africa.

The team is remarkably new to the scene and has only produced a small number of titles. However, that did not stop them from partnering with big names.

Buck Stakes Entertainment has an exclusivity deal with Microgaming. If you want to play their titles, you can only do so in Microgaming casinos. Are their releases worth finding such a website?

  • Two video slots
  • No other casino games
  • Exclusive Microgaming partner

Best Buck Stakes Entertainment Casinos

Given that the developer is still new to the scene, they have not made a big name for themselves. Despite that, the few titles they have produced are widespread, owing to their agreement with Microgaming.

We looked at more than just a online casino having Buck Stakes Entertainment software to feature it here. We also considered their reputation, licenses, other games, payment methods, and casino bonusses.

If you want the best real money casinos to play Buck Stakes Entertainment releases on, you can find them listed below.

Up to $2000
100 Free Spins
Up to $500
150 Free Spins
Up to $500
100 Free Spins
Up to $1650
50 Free Spins

Buck Stakes Entertainment Slots

Any iGaming veteran worth their salt knows good graphics are essential for online slots. The easiest way to draw attention to your game is to offer a gorgeous background image and cool symbol designs.

Fortunately for Buck Stakes Entertainment, their artist team is absolutely top-tier. Players can look forward to fantastic visuals if they choose to play these releases. In terms of graphics, their best slot so far is 8 Golden Skulls of Holly Roger.

Another thing that the game highlight is that the company is not afraid of tackling fun themes. It will happily dip its toes into pirate-infested waters.

However, it can just as quickly pull back and let us explore the physical machines of old. 4 Diamond Blues Megaways has a design meant to appeal to a nostalgic crowd. However, its gameplay is undeniably fun and modern: both with special features and standard gameplay.

Currently, Buck Stakes Entertainment is one of the few developers that have more six-reel than five-reel slots. Then again, that mostly comes down to the fact it has only created two slots.

Both of these games are played on a six-reel, seven-row board. Both titles also employ the Megaways system to landing a winning combination. Megaways substitute for traditional paylines, opening many more ways to win in a release.

Notable special features in Buck Stakes Entertainment slots include cascading reels, free spins, free spins multipliers, and bonus wheels. 8 Golden Skulls of Holly Roger is the highest RTP game made by this software provider.

It has an RTP of 96.86%, which is above the current industry average. The game beats the slot average by almost a whole percentage point!

Best Buck Stakes Entertainment Slots

When writing this review, Buck Stakes Entertainment only has a few slots in their portfolio. As such, most of the titles featured in this category are here because they won by default.

That is not to say they are low quality. You can tell plenty of effort was made to make these slots look good and play even better.

Going forward, we will add even more releases made by this software provider as they launch. Buck Stakes Entertainment has yet to produce something we dislike. We can only hope it stays that way!

#1 8 Golden Skulls of the Holly Roger

8 Golden Skulls of the Holly Roger Megaways
Slot Type: Video Slot
Software: Buck Stakes Entertainment
Genre: Other
Features: Avalanche, Scatter symbols, Free spins, Bonus wheel, Multipliers
RTP: 96.86%
Min. bet: $0.20 / Max. bet: $20

#2 4 Diamond Blues Megaways

4 Diamond Blues Megaways
Slot Type: Video Slot
Software: Buck Stakes Entertainment
Genre: Jewels
Features: Buy Bonus, Scatter symbols, Free spins, Multipliers, Wilds, Avalanche
RTP: 96.40%
Min. bet: $0.10 / Max. bet: $20

#3 Mega Money Wheel

Buck Stakes Entertainment Games

Given that the company still has not made many slots asking them for other casino games is too much. Should they decide to delve into non-slots, we will update this category to highlight these releases accordingly.

What to expect in the future

Given the massive boost in popularity coming from Microgaming’s help, we do not see that arrangement ending soon. The team has access to a larger audience, which will play their games.

Meanwhile, Microgaming benefits from having another talented software provider in their pocket. That means the exclusivity arrangement will live on for a little longer. We look forward to seeing what new titles Buck Stakes Entertainment will produce.

About Buck Stakes Entertainment

HQ: Durban, South Africa
CEO: Andrew Guy
Founded: 2021
Games: Online Slots
Known from: Online Slots
Number of Games: 3+

We know remarkably little about Buck Stakes Entertainment beyond the few public details we already mentioned. The studio is based in South Africa and was founded in 2021.

Very quickly after the team was formed, they entered a distribution agreement with Microgaming. This means all Buck Stakes Entertainment releases will appear on Microgaming’s platforms exclusively.

As such, it can be easy to dismiss this developer as just another partner studio for Microgaming.