Black Pudding Games
HQ Norwich, UK
CEO Nathan Howes
Founded 2018
Games Scratch Cards, Online Slots
Known for Scratch Cards
Number of Games 4+
Black Pudding Games
HQ Norwich, UK
CEO Nathan Howes
Founded 2018
Games Scratch Cards, Online Slots
Known for Scratch Cards
Number of Games 4+

Black Pudding Games

Black Pudding Games is an online casino software provider that was formed in 2018. The team was built with the idea of doing things differently.

While many developers claim to do this, Black Pudding Games walks the walk. Their releases always go out of their way to be unique and exciting in a way few developers make it.

Of course, being too unique can have its downsides as well. Can this software provider walk the fine line between familiar and new? Will their releases be a bit too alien for people’s tastes?

  • Two video slots
  • Scratch card and arcade games
  • Shortlisted for two awards at CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards 2021

Best Black Pudding Games Casinos

While the team is still small, it does not stop them from being surprisingly widespread. We were able to play their titles in quite a few online casinos, which then begs the question.

What is the best casino to play Black Pudding Games in? To answer this question, we looked at several factors to be as objective as possible.

We looked at casino games, reputation, payment methods and available casino bonuses to find the best websites.

If you need a real money casino to play these releases in, we recommend one of the following operators.

Up to $500
50 Free Spins
100% up to $222
22 Free Spins
Up to $2000
150 Free Spins
100% up to $300
100 Free Spins

Black Pudding Games Slots

Gorgeous casino games are something Black Pudding Games does very well. Obviously, their titles cannot quite compete with the likes of NetEnt or Microgaming.

However, they still have plenty of great animations and charm to attract an audience. A great example of this is Aeterna.

Not only does it feature an unique betting board, but it also gives us a great view of outer space. It looks nice, but there is nothing so distracting as to draw your attention away from the playing field.

The team also shows us it is not afraid of shying away from creative themes, either. After all, why limit yourself to outer space when so many other possibilities exist?

Perhaps our favourite online slot theme by Black Pudding Games comes from Atomic Reactor. As its name implies, it is set in front of a massive atomic reactor that hums with power. Their non-slot games also feature a few interesting themes, but we will get to them soon.

One thing nobody can accuse this developer of is sticking to a safe formula. There are no recognizable five-reel, three-row slots here.

Instead, Black Pudding Games makes releases that make you question if they even count as online slots or not. Titles like Aeterna and Atomic Reactor use the team’s unique Orbital Reactor setup to award wins.

We have not seen other software providers offer anything similar. If you like what you see, it is definitely worth trying.

We all know that game’s return to player is essential to planning your budget. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the RTP is, the better.

Black Pudding Games does not shake things up too much in this area. Their highest RTP slot is Aeterna, featuring an RTP of 96.19%.

The most frequently used special features in their releases are free spins, multipliers and cascading reels.

Best Black Pudding Games Slots

The only thing we want Black Pudding Games to do is to make more slots. Right now, their selection is quite limited.

It somewhat ruins our fun as reviewers when releases end up winning by default. Of course, this will be improved as the developer launches more slots in the future.

We do not know what the developer is planning for their next slot. Will it also use the Orbital Reactor setup? Will it offer something completely different? We honestly cannot wait to find out.

#1 Alternea


#2 Atomic Reactor

Atomic Reactor

#3 Bubble Bonanza

Bubble Bonanza

Black Pudding Games

Black Pudding Games has gone out of their way to create several engaging scratch cards and arcade games. These titles serve as a great way to break up the monotony of slots and other releases.

Bubble Bonanza shows off just how fun a simple arcade game can be. Players have three lives and need to pick between three bubbles.

Each bubble can either pop or reveal a green checkmark. A green checkmark moves you further up. The higher up you go, the closer to the top prize you get.

You need at least four correct guesses before you earn any money. The value of the jackpot decreases with each wrong guess you make.

Additionally, Black Pudding Games also features three scratch card games. Slice & Dice, Bun in the Oven and Squeaky Blinders all work in the exact same way.

The goal of all three games is to find three matching items as quickly as possible. The faster you match the required items, the better your payout will be.

The top payout and RTP of all three releases are identical. As such, it mostly comes down to what theme you want to pick.

What to expect in the future

As things stand, the company is living up to its standard of remaining unique. You can feel each title was built to stand out in some way.

Some games do it via mechanics, while others do it using its theme. Given their innovative nature and current success, we have no doubts that Black Pudding Games will continue doing well.

The only thing we wonder about is what comes next. Whatever it is, we will be lined up to play it as soon as it launches.

About Black Pudding Games

HQ: Norwich, UK
CEO: Nathan Howes
Founded: 2018
Games: Scratch Cards, Online Slots
Known from: Scratch Cards
Number of Games: 4+

You will be forgiven if you have not heard of Black Pudding Games before. The team was founded in 2018. Three people with over thirty years of casino gaming and entertainment experience built the company.

In that time, they grew bored of the status quo and wanted to make something different. This is something you feel in every title they make.

They never feel like just another slot. Each game has something unique about it that makes you remember it.

Breaking free from the formula clearly works for Black Pudding Games. Black Pudding Games signed on with the 1×2 Network to launch their releases on their platform.