HQ Rutzenmoos, Austria
CEO Reinhold Bauer
Founded 1993
Games Slots, Table games
Known for Land-based slots
Number of Games 140+
HQ Rutzenmoos, Austria
CEO Reinhold Bauer
Founded 1993
Games Slots, Table games
Known for Land-based slots
Number of Games 140+


Amatic is an online casino software provider that was founded in 1993. While the team has a considerable online presence, their primary business lies in land-based machines.

For Amatic, going online has always been about making their casino games available to a wider audience. In many ways, they still produce classic slots with a fresh coat of paint.

This makes them quite unique in the iGaming space. However, will this niche be enough to guarantee their success?

  • Over 135 slots
  • Several card games, roulettes and video pokers
  • Experienced in both online and land-based slots

Best Amatic Casinos

If you are experienced with online casinos, odds are you came across Amatic games at some point. While the software provider does not garner a lot of attention, their releases can be found on many websites.

As such, you have plenty of choices when it comes to picking the best online casino. We looked at several factors while compiling this list.

As such, we can wholeheartedly say picking any of these real money casinos will guarantee a good time.

100% up to $10,000
100 Free Spins
Up to $500
150 Free Spins
Up to $3000
350 Free Spins
Up to $3,000
350 Free Spins

Amatic Slots

While online slots from Amatic are not bad looking, they definitely go for a retro style. This will not please everyone, but we have to admire the team’s dedication.

They are not afraid of adding some new elements here and there. However, it is very easy to notice an Amatic game as soon as you lay eyes on it.

The design is very by the books, and we cannot say we are big fans of it. These releases simply cannot compete with visual powerhouses like NetEnt.

This is also reflected in in the choice of themes the developer goes for. They are quite fond of ancient Egypt. You can also find slots themed after animals, Aztecs, nightclubs, and royalty.

However, most of what Amatic offers are very standard games. Diamonds, lucky sevens and bars can be seen in so many of their titles.

This is great if you like that sort of thing. If you do not, then Amatic has very little to excite you.

The team is not huge on experimenting with playing fields. Many of their releases stick to the standard five-reel, three-row formula.

This is not very surprising, as many Amatic slots are ports of old their physical machines. However, you can find some new things here and there.

There are several slots with ways to win instead of traditional paylines. Our favourite in that group is Party Night. There are no Amatic Megaways slots, as far as we know.

If you want a diverse range of special features, games by this developer are not for you. Amatic prefers to play it safe, for the most part.

In recent times, they have gone hard on the ‘Book of’ feature. To the point where they produced a dozen or so ‘Book of’ slots!

The highest RTP Amatic slot is Diamond Monkey. It has an RTP of 97.49%.

Best Amatic Slots

Choosing the best Amatic slots was a lot more complicated than we thought. For many players, the simplicity of their games is part of Amatic’s appeal.

However, many others will want something new and exciting from the software provider. In the end, we went for a compromise solution and included a bit of both.

We cannot guarantee you will enjoy every slot on this list. However, we are confident you will like at least one of them. If not? Amatic has many more slots that may woo you yet.

#1 Hot Fruits 20

Hot Fruits 20

#2 Book of Aztec

Book of Aztec

#3 Vampires


Amatic Games

It came as no surprise to us to find Amatic has launched a few casino games over the years. Some of these releases are ports of physical machine games that are now online.

No doubt fans of Amatic who played them in person will appreciate having them online. Other titles are brand new for online casinos.

However, the difference between them is not huge. Amatic has not upgrades graphics all that much over the years.

Which begs the question: what Amatic games can you play? Currently, the list consists of a few video pokers, an online blackjack game and online roulette.

The video pokers were the most interesting part for us. Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Fruit Poker and Joker Card Poker are by no means exclusive to Amatic.

However, the developer put effort into making them presentable. They are dated, but still enjoyable.

We cannot extend the same praise for the blackjack and roulette games, though. They feel very primitive compared to the awesome table games currently available.

You are better off skipping those in favour of another developer’s release.

What to expect in the future

As long as land-based casinos continue to flourish, Amatic will never feel too pressured to go all-in on online gambling sites.

Since 2010, the developer has been present in the iGaming space and has followed some trends. The prevalence of Amatic’s ‘Book of’ slots shows as much.

We feel that Amatic will borrow more good ideas from online slots and casino games. However, we do not see them abandoning their ‘physical machines first’ mentality just yet.

Right now, Amatic’s primary customers are people who want to relive playing older games once more. As such, they are safe from having to change the time being.

However, the company is under threat to fall behind more innovative developers as time goes on. Given that everything is moving online, it is only a matter of time until online casinos overtake land-based ones.

We can only hope that Amatic will be up for the challenge to adapt when that time comes.

About Amatic

HQ: Rutzenmoos, Austria
CEO: Reinhold Bauer
Founded: 1993
Games: Slots, Table games
Known from: Land-based slots
Number of Games: 140+

Amatic has a long and storied history. The team was formed in 1993, and it primarily focused on creating physical machines.

They quickly found success, but not in their home country of Austria. Instead, Amatic focused on exports. Over 90% of their production is made for export, which shows just how big the demand for their games is.

Given Amatic’s success offline, it would take a while for them to consider expanding online.

The first move came in 2010, when Amatic formed a new division to produce online casino gaming content. The new division was called Amanet.

Amatic skipped past flash and went straight to HTML5. As such, their games could be played on both desktop and mobile devices, regardless of operating system.

While the developer has won awards, they were primarily aimed at their physical machine business. Even today, it feels like online casinos are a sideshow for Amatic. However, will things stay that way?