Trustly Casino

Over the years, we have seen the rise of multiple payment methods for Canadian players. However, Trustly is a very new addition to the land of maple syrup. Trustly is an online casino payment method that connects directly to your bank account.

In that aspect, it is similar to Interac. However, Trustly has a limited reach due to recently entering the Canadian market. A somewhat limiting factor, but one that will improve as time goes on.

The company was founded in 2008. It exploded in popularity because it facilitated the rise of a new type of online casino. This new generation of websites is called Pay ‘n’ Play casinos.

Pay ‘n’ Play casinos are designed to make the process of bringing on players as easy as possible. Powered by Trustly technology, these websites remove the need for an account. Trustly connects to your bank account and uses the information there to verify the player’s identity and age.

This gets rid of the most annoying part of online casino registration: identity verification. If all goes well, Trustly casinos will not require you to send them any documentation.

Furthermore, it also handles all deposits and withdrawals to and from your account. For operators, the advantages are clear. They lose fewer players to the registration process while staying compliant with regulator demands. For players, it means speedy registrations, faster withdrawals, and no fees.

Part of the reason Trustly is so popular is that it allows people to get around using cards. It wires money from your bank account to the online casino. That means you can deposit and withdraw without having to use a credit or debit card.

Naturally, this brings down costs substantially. Sometimes, using Trustly can bring down costs up to 50% compared to cards. Trustly is supported by more than 6,300 banks and over 8,100 merchants. Trustly casino solutions also power over one hundred gaming brands.

It all sounds quite good on paper. However, how does it play on in the real world? We decided to go on a thorough test of the best online casinos with Trustly to find out.

How does its simplified version of opening accounts work? How do you deposit and withdraw funds? Will you need to bother with identity verification, or is Trustly’s solution as seamless as it seems? We will give you all the facts and let you decide if this payment method is the right one for you.

Best Trustly Casino Canada 2021

Despite all of its advantages, Trustly casinos have been slow to expand into the Canadian iGaming scene. That is because many of its strengths are also available via Interac, which functions similarly.

That meant a bit of digging to find the few Canadian online casinos that accept Trustly. You can find those operators in the list below.

Trustly Alternatives

Unfortunately there are currently no Trustly casinos available, below be have some of the best alternatives!

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Using Trustly in online casinos

While Trustly is not perfect, we cannot deny it is straightforward to use. Convenience was high on the company’s agenda. After all, one of the major advantages of Trustly is that you do not have to register an account.

The process of depositing and withdrawing funds is incredibly simple, and we will walk you through it.

How to Deposit with Trustly?

Step 1:

Select Trustly from your list of available deposit payment methods.

Step 2:

Select one of the deposit amounts listed on the page. Alternatively, write in a custom one and then press Submit.

Step 3:

You are redirected to the Trustly page. Players will be given a list of available banks for their country. Select the bank you have an account in.

Step 4:

Depending on the bank, you will have different means of logging into your bank account. After you log in, you will be asked to confirm the transaction.

Step 5:

The deposit is processed by Trustly. When the funds become available in your casino balance, you can start having fun!

How to withdraw with Trustly?

Step 1:

Go to the cashier page in the online casino you are playing in.

Step 2:

If multiple payment methods are available, select Trustly.

Step 3:

Enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw, then press the withdraw button.

Step 4:

You are redirected to Trustly’s website. Find your bank and enter your bank login details.

Step 5:

The withdrawal is processed by the casino. Once the transaction is processed, the funds will appear in your bank account instantly.

Advantages of Trustly

Trustly is driven to deliver the best in terms of security and convenience to players. They do their best to cut down on needless waiting times. That way, their customers can quickly start depositing and withdrawing funds without much hassle.

It is a win-win situation for both casino members and operators! The quality of Trustly’s offering speaks for itself. Many online casinos that accept Trustly find themselves on the list of player favourites. There is a good reason for that.

To find out why real money casinos accepting Trustly are so popular, we went on a deep dive with this payment method. After testing it thoroughly, we quickly got the hang of why this payment method is widespread across the globe.

If you choose to use Trustly to handle your deposits and withdrawals, you can look forward to the following.

Top tier security

One of the core tenets of Trustly is to ensure it is a secure payment method. Since it directly connects to your bank account, it has to be as solid as possible.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Trustly takes security very seriously. It uses the highest encryption and bank security standards to prevent hacking attacks and identity theft. It also does not store any online banking information, usernames, or passwords to prevent leaks.

Fast deposits

A key selling point for Trustly casinos is their fast transactions. If everything goes smoothly, deposits are handled at lightning speed.

Funds usually become available as soon as you complete the deposit, too. Perfect for both first-time deposits and quick top-ups so you can keep the action going.

Speedy withdrawals

Trustly allows customers to both deposit and withdraw funds through it. Trustly withdrawals are also fast-paced, and any wait times usually depend on the online casino.

Once the operator clears your transaction, the funds are sent to your bank account immediately. In some cases, your withdrawal can take up to two business days to be processed by the casino.

Links up with Canadian banks

Starting from August 26, 2020, Trustly has become available in Canada and Australia. From that point on, Trustly could connect to several Canadian banks and be used to handle transactions. A remarkably convenient addition for everyone hoping to use it.

No cards necessary

Trustly does not require you to have a credit or debit card of any kind to use it. All transactions are handled by directly linking to your bank account. Without Visa and MasterCard taking their cut, this cuts down on the cost of handling transactions.

Widely used and recognized

While Trustly is new to the Canadian iGaming scene, it is not a new or unproven payment method. Trustly is available to about 525 million people across Europe and North America. With a large user base and increasing popularity, all signs point towards Trustly’s trustworthiness.

No accounts necessary

Unlike other payment methods, Trustly does not require users to register an account. If it’s available, you can select it. From there, it will direct you to connect to your bank account.

Trustly will take care of all the transactions from there, without ever requiring you to sign in to their service. Super convenient!

No fees

In addition to not requiring an account, Trustly does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. Instead, Trustly makes money by charging a service fee to the online casino.

Any fees that appear when using Trustly are fees imposed either by your bank or by the online casino itself.

Disadvantages of Trustly

Limited availability in Canadian casinos

If you want to use Trustly in Canada-facing online casinos, you have one major roadblock. For one reason or another, Trustly has not caught on with Canadian players.

While Trustly casinos are quite popular in Europe, they are usually not open to Canadians. We think this is due to Interac already being established in Canada and serving a similar role.

Trustly offers some advantages that Interac does not. However, they are not so great that Canadians are willing to make the swap just yet.

Customer Support

Trustly’s website has a contact form you can use to get in touch with the team. The contact form asks you to leave your name, e-mail, transaction or reference number, subject, and message.

The e-mail you leave will be how Trustly contacts you. Their website also has an FAQ page. However, it cannot be found on the Canadian page. The FAQ is only available on the global page.

You also must present proof of payment or a screenshot from your online banking when contacting support. If you do not provide sufficient proof of payment from your bank, customer support will not disclose information about your transactions.

This is the downside of not having a proper account. If everything works, you save yourself a fair amount of hassle. If something goes wrong, you have to go through extra steps to prove you are who you are.

Occasionally Delayed Transactions

Some merchants, including online casinos, have set instant deposit limits. This limit determines the number of funds you can transfer instantly using Trustly.

Trustly itself cannot raise or change this limit. Deposits above the instant deposit limit can take up to two bank days to reach the merchant. In the case of public holidays and weekends, the wait time can be even longer.

Trustly withdrawals are usually instant as well. However, processing time can take up to two banking days, depending on the online casino and your bank. Public weekends and holidays can sometimes delay the transaction even further.

Only available in some banks

The payment method supports some Canadian banks, but not all of them. If Trustly does not support your bank, you will not be able to use it.

Additionally, Trustly can only be used with private accounts. Business or savings accounts are not eligible and will not be visible when trying to deposit or withdraw in Trustly casinos.


Is Trustly much different from Interac?

These two payment methods do more than just look similar. In many ways, they bring the same idea to the table. Interac and Trustly both connect to your bank account to allow you to draw and deposit funds to and from it.

Both payment methods serve as an intermediary between the online casino and your bank. Because of that, many players prefer sticking with Interac. It is widely used in Canada and is well supported by online casinos.

The most significant difference between Interac and Trustly comes down to identity verification. Trustly has a special system in place that handles know-your-customer (KYC) requests automatically.

In contrast, using Interac still requires you to make identity verification requests manually. Apart from that, both payment methods allow for quick and easy transactions to and from online casinos.

Both can be used to deposit and withdraw and are used in Canadian Pay ‘n’ Play online casinos.

Transaction fees and withdrawal times

Unfortunately, with how rare Trustly casinos are, we were not able to find any relevant information regarding transaction fees.

Trustly’s website mentions that it does not charge any fees to players for any transactions. However, online casinos or banks may impose their own fees when carrying out the transaction.

The payment method directly connects to your bank account without the need for credit or debit cards. That means when you deposit or withdraw money through Trustly, it goes directly to and from your bank account.

We like the convenience and how quickly all the transactions are handled. That said, Trustly is only available with some Canadian banks. If your bank is not on the list, you cannot use Trustly to deposit or withdraw funds.

Players who can use Trustly do not have to wait long for their funds to become available. After your online casino processes the request, your funds should appear instantly.

That said, some delays can occur at unexpected times. Usually, these wait times are caused due to online gambling sites setting an instant deposit limit. Any funds above this limit have to wait up to two business days to be processed.

Online casino Trustly bonus

Despite all the great things Trustly brings, it does have one major disadvantage. Because it’s a new kid on the block, many online casinos currently don’t offer it.

Part of the reason why Trustly has not yet taken off is that Interac offers a similar experience. Not to mention Interac enjoys the home turf advantage, being a payment method made specifically for Canadians.

It is somewhat fitting then that we recommend Interac online casinos as a replacement for Trustly casinos.

Once Trustly picks up steam, we will return and update this section with the best Trustly online casinos and casino bonuses. Until then, we have highlighted the following Interac online casinos for your enjoyment.

#1 Casino Casino
Not available to players
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Trustly Casino
Trustly Casino
Trustly Casino
Trustly Casino
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New players at Casino receive an exciting welcome offer. Players receive 1,000 free spins, which are granted ten per day over the next 100 days. Additionally, the casino features four deposit match offers that can grant up to $1,000 worth of bonus cash.

Bonus amount: *$1,000 + 1000 free spins*

#2 Lucky Nova Casino

Lucky Nova Casino
Up to $1100
75 Free Spins
Trustly Casino
Trustly Casino
Trustly Casino Paysafecard
Trustly Casino Creditcard
  • Excellent casino bonus
  • Modern website design
  • High quality slot section

Lucky Nova Casino features a three-part welcome bonus for its new casino members. The first and second promotions are deposit match offers, granting up to $1,100 in bonus cash. The third bonus awards 75 free spins once you deposit enough funds.

Bonus amount: *$1,100 + 75 free spins*

#3 Gioo Casino

Gioo Casino
Up to $750
225 Free Spins
Trustly Casino
Trustly Casino
Trustly Casino
Trustly Casino Creditcard
Trustly Casino
  • Huge slot library
  • Excellent game filters
  • Extensive live casino

First-time players receive a three-part welcome offer when they sign up to play in Gioo Casino. Each bonus grants a deposit match offer and some free spins for a slot. These three promotions have to be played in the order they are awarded.

Bonus amount: *$750 + 225 free spins*

History of Trustly

Trustly is a payment solutions provider that was founded in Sweden in 2008. The company’s goal was to allow people to deposit and accept money directly through their online bank account.

To that end, Trustly does not require any apps, credit or debit cards, or even set up an account. It acts as an intermediary, connecting customers and merchants while offering maximum convenience. As of 2020, Trustly is also available in Canada.

The company has grown immensely over the years. It is used by more than 8,000 merchants and supports over 6,300 banks in numerous countries.

In 2016, Trustly launched the Pay ‘n’ Play feature, which can be integrated into online casinos. With it enabled, players can directly deposit and withdraw funds without ever registering an account.

Some Pay ‘n’ Play online casinos have also sprung up in Canada. However, they use Interac instead of Trustly to handle transactions.


  • Are online casinos with Trustly safe?

    Trustly is safe to use if you want to use it as a payment method. Considering it links directly to your bank account, safety is paramount for Trustly to succeed.

    Because of that, Trustly uses the highest encryption and bank security standards. The team behind Trustly also wisely decided not to store any online banking information, usernames or passwords.

    Even if the company is ever breached, no sensitive information can be leaked. Trustly is also licensed as a European Payment Services Provider under the Payment Services Directive. Finally, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority oversees their actions.

  • What is the best Trustly Casino for Canadian players?

    Currently, there are no Trustly casinos available to Canadian players. With Interac offering a similar service, many operators decided not to make the switch.

    Doubly so since Interac is an established brand in Canada! Even so, we expect to see some Trustly casinos pop up with time. Especially if Trustly can deliver on its ability to complete identity verification without the player jumping through hoops.

  • Is there any transaction fee for deposits with Trustly?

    Casino members will be happy to hear that Trustly does not charge any transaction fees when using it to deposit funds. In fact, Trustly prides itself on not charging users when it comes to transactions. Instead, it charges online casinos to use its services. If players do encounter any fees, they are imposed by the casino or by your bank. As always, we recommend reading the casino’s terms and conditions to check if any unexpected fees await you.

  • Is the organization behind Trustly reliable?

    Considering Trustly is new to Canada, we can understand being skeptical of this payment method. However, the company has been around since 2008. They were instrumental in introducing and popularizing Pay ‘n’ Play online casinos.

    The company handles a massive number of transactions every day without any issues. More than 8,000 merchants use it. That includes big names such as Facebook, PayPal, TransferWise, Alibaba, eBay, and many others.

    It is also under the strict supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.