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Gigadat is an online payment platform used for many purposes, including online gambling. Founded in 2013, it’s a private company with headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

It mainly processes payment for Interac and is trusted by many Canadians. Gigadat is compliant with the Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce.

Another payment method that it handles is the Express Connect e-Wallet. It processes transactions for numerous licensed casinos and thus can handle the legalities.

To make a Gigadat casino deposit, you need to have an account at one of the 260 financial institutions that support Interac Online or e-Transfers.

Once you have that and online banking, you can conduct transactions at any online casino that accepts e-Transfer or Interac Online.

Best Gigadat Casinos of 2021

The following curated list features the best Gigadat casinos based on performance, game variety and bonus offers.

Up to $500
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Up to $500
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Is Gigadat the Same as Interac?

The Interac Corporation is a Canadian network facilitating online transactions. It has headquarters in Toronto. Gigadat processes deposits and withdrawals made through any Interac casino in Canada.

Interac and Gigadat are not the same, but they work together to process transactions. Gigadat is PCI compliant and adheres to AML and regulations to provide a secure environment for online casino deposits and withdrawals.

Advantages of Gigadat

Gigadat is a trusted and reliable payment processor used by many Canadians. It has a success rate of almost 100% for online transactions. Most reputable businesses use it.

Compatible With Hundreds of Canadian Financial Institutions

Gigadat is compatible with most Canadian banks and credit unions – more than 250 in total.

It’s also an excellent alternative to direct payment methods for those who prefer to keep their confidential banking information private. Plus, there’s less possibility of casino transactions being denied by the bank.

Highly Regulated and Secure

Gigadat is one of the most strictly regulated methods that complies t with all the relevant regulations and works in conjunction with Interac. It only works with licensed casinos, thereby reducing the chances of fraud.

Also, it never shares your sensitive information to third parties, such as a casino or business. For these reasons, it’s one of the safest and most secure payment methods available.

Cost-Effective and Convenient for Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

You can make both deposits and withdrawals using this method, so transactions are convenient, seamless and easy. They’re also processed faster than with other payment methods.

Plus, it doesn’t charge any fees for processing transactions, although your financial institution might. Another advantage is that Gigadat doesn’t have amount limits. However, your normal bank thresholds still apply.

Disadvantages of Gigadat

While there isn’t much to complain about when it comes to Gigadat, here are two of the biggest disadvantages.

Not Available in Other Countries

One of the major disadvantages of Gigadat is its incompatibility with foreign banks. While Canadians can use the service without a hassle, gamblers overseas will have to find another alternative.

Incomplete e-Transfers Are Voided in 30 Days

An e-Transfer goes void in 30 days – much faster than a cheque. However, this is usually more than enough time to withdraw or deposit funds.

Using Gigadat in Online Casinos

Using Gigadat to deposit or withdraw cash at an online casino that accepts e-Transfer is a piece of cake. Here’s how to do it.

  • Step 1: Set up online banking
    To transact through Gigadat at an online casino that accepts Interac, you must have an account at one of Interac’s 260+ financial institution partners. Then, you need to make sure that you can use online banking.
  • Step 2: Screen Directions

    When you’re set up for online banking with Interac e-Transfer, you can deposit and withdraw using Gigadat right away.Simply proceed to the “Cashier” section of the online casino that accepts Interac and select the Interac e-Transfer option instead of the Interac Online option.

    If it asks for a bonus code, you may need to enter it if you have one. Then choose a deposit amount and select the financial institution you’re using. Once you’ve completed the transaction, your funds should arrive at their designated account.

  • Step 3: Withdrawal

    To make a withdrawal, simply go to the “Cashier” section of the online casino. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and voila, the transaction is almost done.

    Following the above steps, any transfers associated with your email address go to your account without having to enter your personal details each time. How easy is that!

Transaction Fees and Withdrawal Times

Using Gigadat doesn’t require a transaction fee. However, your financial institution may still charge a nominal amount.

There are also no transaction or amount limits by Gigadat. Plus, deposits are instant, and withdrawals can take anything between one and seven hours.

Other payment methods such as Paypal charge a small amount for currency conversion and overseas transactions. Also, credit card payments incur fees on PayPal.

Paypal offers instant deposits, but withdrawals may take more time. There may also be casino bonus limitations for PayPal.

Online Casino Gigadat Bonus

Here are the top three Gigadat casinos that offer a welcome bonus.

1. Mason Slots

Mason Slots
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Gigadat Casino
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  • Nice VIP program
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2. Casino Rocket

Casino Rocket
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Gigadat Casino Neteller
Gigadat Casino Skrill
Gigadat Casino Bitcoin
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  • Great casino game selection
  • Lots of payment methods supported
  • Bitcoin casino

Get your spacesuit on and prepare for the intergelactic ride of a lifetime. Check out Casino Rocket and get a up to $1500 match bonus!

3. YoYo Casino

YoYo Casino
100% up to $750
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Gigadat Casino
Gigadat Casino
Gigadat Casino
Gigadat Casino
Gigadat Casino Bitcoin
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  • Good casino games selection
  • Nice weekly cashback bonus
  • Crypto casino

YoYo Casino is a safe and reliable Canadian online casino. Check it out now and enjoy a 100% up to $750 + 100 free spins bonus.


  • Are online casinos with Gigadat safe?

    Yes, the online casinos with Gigadat are safe and secure as Gigadat only works with licensed gambling sites. Plus, you’ll never have to enter your personal bank details while conducting transactions.

  • Is Gigadat the same as Interac?

    Gigadat and Interac casino Canada work together, but they’re not the same. They’re separate services owned by different businesses, although both are Canadian.

    Gigadat has its headquarters in Winnipeg, while Interac has its headquarters in Toronto. Gigadat processes transactions facilitated by Interac casinos.

  • Why do I see Gigadat when I deposit at the casino?

    As mentioned, Gigadat works with Interac, so you’ll see it when you’re making a deposit or withdrawal. However, you can rest assured that your sensitive information is always protected with this payment method.

    Plus, the bank doesn’t get casino details; instead, it sees a Gigadat transaction approved by most banks in Canada.

  • Are casinos that accept Gigadat safe and trustworthy?

    Gigadat only works with licensed casinos; hence they’re safe and trustworthy. Gigadat is compliant with all the applicable AML regulations.

  • Is there any transaction fee for deposits with Gigadat?

    No, Gigadat doesn’t charge a transaction fee.

  • Are my personal details safe?

    Absolutely! Gigadat protects your personal details from third parties and never shares this information.

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