Twitch Slots Turn Out Second Biggest Non-Gaming Section in 2021

Twitch Slots Turn Out Second Biggest Non-Gaming Section in 2021

Published: January 8, 2022

Twitch has recorded a year to remember, with the streaming platform’s watched hours rising by 45% compared to the last year. It clocked in twenty-four billion hours watched, meaning the number increased by seven million compared to 2020.

Based on the official reports from Stream Charts and, it was another enormously successful year for the Amazon-owned streaming behemoth. The organization’s analysis showed that the gambling section inspired most growth, with “Slots“ as the second-largest non-gaming category.

The online slot streams, accumulated 287 million watched hours. The surge has occurred after Twitch virtually banned referral codes to all online casinos.

Twitch Metrics, a site dealing with platform-related statistics, showed the slots channel to be Twitch’s 14th most popular one. The record in the month reached 80,867 viewers, and the most-watched channels are Trainwreckstv, ClassyBeef, DeuceAce and Rothstein.

Trainwrecks, who has a volatile relationship with online gambling, generated 5.5 million hours watched during the last month. Moreover, Rothstein collected more than 2.8 million hours, with ClassyBeef collecting nearly a million viewed hours. DeuceAce managed to pull 665,359, and VonDice accumulated 611,740 hours.

The casino games have a strong following on Twitch, being the second most popular non-gaming category, with only “Just Chatting“ being more followed. The top streamers and their channels are pretty well-off, but some formerly popular gamers have gone missing.

For example, katchlow, a streamer that pulled 69,849 hours watched, has vanished from Twitch. There are multiple examples where channels accumulated big numbers but disappeared from the platform.

Some other channels have not vanished yet, but have not been seen live for months. One of the reasons might be their pushing affiliate links, which is considered an illegal activity.

While Twitch will probably loosen the rules related to this content, Time2Play, owned by a Kafe Rocks Group, offers a possibility of streaming it without restrictions.

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