Super Bowl experiences 95% online users growth

Super Bowl experiences 95% online users growth

Published: February 21, 2022

The Super Bowl has raked in more than 80m bets, with Nevada smashing the wager-profit record four years ago. The famous gaming state received $179.8m in the iconic NFL championship game bets. It recorded $15.4m in revenues, only one of the states whose profits exploded.

The previous record in Nevada amounted to $158.8m, and the unaudited wagers were nearly $44m more than a year ago. This year, a typical Super Bowl environment was in effect, contributing to more significant profits.

Over 80 million transactions concerning Super Bowl were recorded, which amounts to 2.26x more than last year. Moreover, around 5.6m accounts were created using legal online sportsbooks, recording a 95% growth from the previous year.

All Super Bowl events at Caesars Entertainment Strip-area resorts were sold out quickly, and New York recorded most digital bets in the US. People bet on this Super Bowl more than any other to date.

BetMGM handled twice as many wagers compared to the same event last year. Penn National Gaming has noted that this Super Bowl was a record in the total number of bets and money gathered.

Furthermore, operators confirmed the outcome boosted the revenue profit, as the big game met all the necessary parameters. The books required the Rams to win without covering the 4.5 point spread and the total points below 48.5.

This game was the first Super Bowl after New York had legalized online casinos. It quickly became a booming market with a $2bn handle during the first month.

The American Gaming Association had anticipated players would put $7.61bn on the iconic game, which is 78% more than the last year. The final numbers from individual states have yet to be announced.

About Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the NFL championship game, played since 1966, known by the former moniker at the time. From 2022, it will be played on the second February Sunday, replacing the first one.

The winning team receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy, dubbed after the famous coach who grabbed the first two. The bout is sometimes called the big game due to the NFL restrictions in using the Super Bowl trademark. Everything stops across the US on the Super Bowl Sunday.

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