Streamers’ Earnings Unveiled After Twitch Hack

Streamers’ Earnings Unveiled After Twitch Hack

Published: October 18, 2021

The news of Twitch being hacked has shaken the entire gaming community to the core. Unknown hackers have compromised the Amazon-owned service, exposing sensitive information on content creators’ earnings.

The list includes the data of online gambling-related content streamers. All the leaked information has been uploaded to 4chan, irrevocably falling into the public’s lap. The exposed data concerns the top 100,000 Twitch users from August 2019 to October 2021.

Twitch has tried to soften the blow by reassuring people that no leaked data (125GB) contain any account information. Still, numerous specialists advise the exposed users to change their passwords and enable two-factor authentication anyway.

The platform is currently investigating the case. This attack will indubitably reduce users’ trust in their services, especially after it has been critiqued as toxic and biased.

The 4chan user who shared the data has said the reason for the steal was causing unrest and stimulating competition, labelling the Twitch community as sickening and hate speech-inclined.

The best poker, blackjack, roulette and online slot streamers have their sensitive info revealed by the attack. For example, Jens “TheRealKnossi“ Knossalla has earned $2.1 million for the period, making him the 21st top earner among all the streamers.

Furthermore, a famous Canadian poker player, Jamie Staples, has made $60,000 by streaming. However, the given amount doesn’t include contracts with iGaming companies nor fan donations. It is fair to assume the earnings are significantly larger.

The attack will diminish Twitch’s already questionable reputation even further. Nevertheless, it still provides an interesting insight into the industry and the professional gaming world.

The platform will have to make additional efforts to prevent breaches like this from happening ever again. The damage has already been done, and further violations of users’ sensitive info could be irreparable.

Twitch Hack

About Twitch

Twitch is an Amazon-owned platform that broadcasts gamers’ live content, often including commentary. Multiple casino and iGaming pros use it to share their sessions with other users. After its introduction in 2011, its popularity has had stable growth over the years.

Now it’s become one of the most popular online services of all time. It has recently updated its policy on promoting online casinos, having forbidden sharing referral codes and promo links.

However, this doesn’t apply to poker, although it is unclear whether the poker sites with other casino games also count.

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