Stolen MGM Resorts Customer Info Posted on Telegram

Stolen MGM Resorts Customer Info Posted on Telegram

Published: June 2, 2022

A database containing the customer data of nearly thirty million MGM Resorts guests has been posted on Telegram.

The information was discovered by a pro bono service fighting cyber threats called vpnMentor Research Team. According to the organization, the data was shared on the social messaging channel on May 22.

The database has over 142 million records and includes names, postal and email addresses, telephone numbers and personal info of MGM guests. It includes celebrities, journalists, and even government officials.

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time the stolen data has been revealed. However, it is the first time that anyone can publicly access it.

In early 2020, MGM confirmed a data breach that had occurred the previous summer. The database containing over ten million records was posted on a Russian hacking forum and was offered for sale for around $3,700.

The only good news is that stolen data doesn’t include any financial information or passwords. However, sensitive info can be used by scammers. The phone numbers could lead to a SIM-swapping operation. That way, scammers can get their hands on authentication codes delivered via SMS.

In 2021, the FBI’s Internet Crime Report noted 51,629 complaints regarding identity theft, a rise of 19% compared to 2020. In total, these crimes cost more than $352 million.

Cybercriminals increasingly target land-based casinos and demand ransom in return for restoring regular operations. These ransoms are typically paid in cryptocurrency.

In 2019, hackers stole a high-roller database of an unnamed casino in Las Vegas. They used a smart thermostat in the fish tank to access the venue’s computer network.

About MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts is one of the leading casino and resort operators, present in twenty-eight destinations around the globe. The company offers its customers a combination of high-quality, luxury, top-class entertainment and exceptional customer service.

Most of the casino’s facilities are in Las Vegas, although MGM is always looking to expand its presence. Its guest can look forward to fantastic opportunities and an experience to remember.

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