Registration applications for Ontario’s iGaming market open

Registration applications for Ontario’s iGaming market open

Published: September 23, 2021

The companies about to enter Ontario’s online gambling market can now submit their registration applications. The market is soon to be open, and it already promises stiff competition between online casinos looking to get ahead quickly.

There are multiple interested operators and suppliers ready to participate in the prospective market. The first necessary step is registering with AGCO.

The only way to register is to make an application via the iAGCO web portal. The interested parties are now able to create an account and start preparing the relevant documents to submit.

The submission date appears to bear no significance on how fast the application will go through the system. The completeness of the application is seemingly the most important factor in the process.

The agency enabled early applications to give the candidates enough time to prepare properly. However, the application also needs to be complete to be processed in time.

The AGCO unveiled a detailed iGaming operator application guide in August 2021 to give candidates insight into the procedure. The supplier guide followed in September 2021, with all the information and documentation required.

It’s important to know that the interested real money casinos will need to enter an agreement with iGaming Ontario. This agreement will not be connected with AGCO registration.

iGO was founded to monitor the operators’ activities in the newly-established market as a subsidiary of AGCO. All the interested parties will be able to take a look at the finalized contract soon. However, the operators will need to sign an NDA first.

Registration applications opened shortly after AGCO has released the final set of standards for the event and sports betting. The online gambling is expected to finally start in late 2021.

These standards are vital to AGCO’s entire regulatory structure. Some subtle changes concerning advertising of inducements and acceptable bets have been introduced. Brands can only be advertised in a way that endorses responsible gaming.

About AGCO

AGCO is a regulatory agency headquartered in Ontario and established in February 1998. It was founded under the Alcohol, Cannabis and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act, 1996.

It provides regulation to alcohol, gaming and horse racing sectors, alongside cannabis retail. The regulation occurs under the principles of honesty and integrity, applying all the Acts related to this activity.

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