Quebec introduces casino lockdown

Quebec introduces casino lockdown

Published: December 23, 2021

The province of Quebec has announced casinos, gyms, bars, spas, and cinemas will close due to the spike in the pandemic. Spectators will not be able to attend sports events, and there is a suggestion that restaurants close at 10 pm.

There was a decision to restrict the capacity of restaurants and bars to 50%, the closure being an additional measure in that respect.

Elementary schools will abandon face-to-face teaching until January 10, 2022, after an alarming number of cases (4,571 in a day) was recorded.

Authorities will still use school premises for vaccination and rapid test distribution to students. Some NHL teams have already faced empty stands, but the season will be postponed until further notice.

Remote work, previously recommended, will now be mandatory where applicable. Reportedly, the situation is critical, with almost no chances of getting better. The health system is in crisis, with more difficult days on the horizon.

Intensive care unit admissions and hospitalizations are spiking, and it is hard to keep people from contact. It is essential to limit contact with others to a bare minimum to stay healthy.

A rise in cases found the country unprepared, as the health minister said the system might become overwhelmed. Most of the ten provinces have reported a significant increase in numbers upon the arrival of the new type.

The provinces are supposed to apply more drastic measures. Anyone who returns from a foreign trip needs to supply a negative test. While the tour operators complain it prevents people from traveling, the officials remind them the situation is extremely grave.

This situation is not a popularity contest but real trouble with terrible consequences if people do not comply. There are pessimistic predictions Omicron will soon become dominant and overwhelm the system quickly.

About iGaming in Quebec

The gaming regulation rules in Quebec mostly follow other provinces, with the Quebec Alcohol, Racing, and Gaming Commission in charge. The body is assigned to monitor gaming actions and report any irregularities.

Lottery games, land-based casinos, sports betting and iGaming are enormously popular in Quebec.

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