Police arrest two men after fatal shootings in Vegas

Police arrest two men after fatal shootings in Vegas

Published: January 13, 2022

Several recent shootings were causing two unfortunate Strip visitors to pass away. However, the local police reacted promptly and arrested two men suspected of the crime. The first victim was an unsuspecting 66-year-old woman visiting Las Vegas as a tourist.

The incident transpired while she and her husband were parking their car in front of the Fashion Show Mall. A robber turned up, trying to snatch the unfortunate woman’s purse. When she did not give it up, he pulled а gun on her, fatally shooting her in the chest.

A local TV channel, KLAS, reported the woman later passed on in a hospital while the husband was left unscathed during the incident. Moreover, another shooting occurred a couple of hours later at the Meadows Mall bowling alley.

Two people were shot at and rushed to the hospital without the authorities publicly divulging their conditions. Another shooting followed in the afternoon, with a robber firing at an employee at a Palace Stratton Casino parking lot.

However, the bullet did not hit the target, and the case is under investigation. Furthermore, the second armed robbery happened at the same place, this time resulting in a fifty-something man’s death. The identities of the two victims are yet to be revealed.

The local police eventually caught up with the two men suspected of the fatal shootings. The suspected robbers, Jesani Carter (20) and Jordan Ruby (18) were in prison without bail during the weekend.

Most of the Las Vegas Strip crimes are gang-related or connected with non-native robbers who exploit the wealthy casino patrons. The police are yet to determine the connection between the accused robbers and the other mentioned events.

The investigations are still in progress, and they will indubitably bring additional charges upon the suspects. The Ruby and Carter trials have already begun, and the public expects the perpetrators to be punished.

Unfortunately, Las Vegas Strip shootings are much more frequent than everyone would like to. The authorities need to take more stringent measures to protect casinos from being attacked and abused.