Playtech founder cheats death

Playtech founder cheats death

Published: October 11, 2021

Teddy Sagi, a billionaire from Israel and Playtech founder, has escaped an assassination attempt in Cyprus. The Camden Market owner has then fled the country, being tipped off by authorities.

Judging by the report, this well-known businessman has become a target of the assassination plot due to his large debts. His Russian partners have reportedly become impatient and displeased with the accumulated amount, so they have hired an Azerbaijani killer.

The hired assassin allegedly holds a Russian passport. He has been preying on Sagi in Cyprus for a few weeks when the authorities have discovered his activities.

There has been an Israeli report about Iran being involved in the attack to target their country. However, it is believed that the Israeli-Cypriot billionaire was the target without any involvement from Iran. Sagi’s worth is estimated at $5.6 billion, making him the fourth richest person in Israel, Forbes says.

The authorities have arrested the suspected assassin a few days later after his crossing Agios Dhometios from the Turkish side. The Nicosian police have apprehended the assassin with him carrying a pistol and cartridges.

There have been contradictory reports in the media, ranging from the involvement of the Russian mafia to the Iranian kill list. The latter theory claims there are four more businessmen who are the intended targets.

While the business dispute with Russians might have been the reason for the attack, official Israel still accuses Iran. There are talks of further attacks on Israeli businessmen in Cyprus, with the country being an immensely popular vacation destination.

Cyprus is a very attractive place for Israelis, as you can fly to Tel Aviv in less than an hour.

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About Teddy Sagi and Playtech

Teddy Sagi is a founder of Playtech, a world-leading online casino content supplier. After establishing the company in 1999, he has raised the bar for everyone in the iGaming industry.

Playtech’s games offer an immersive experience with impressive graphics and incredible sound quality. Players have enjoyed their classic titles and fresh releases for years at online casinos.

Their slots usually offer engaging features and attractive bonuses. Playtech is a standard-setting company in its field, with over 3,000 employees across nine countries.

Meanwhile, Teddy Sagi has sold most of his shares, currently owning only 6.3% of the firm. He has directed his attention towards other investments and other enterprises. However, his contributions to the iGaming world via Playtech are still immeasurable.

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