Petition Calls for Everton to End the Sponsorship

Petition Calls for Everton to End the Sponsorship

Published: July 2, 2022

More than 20,000 people have signed a web petition calling for English soccer side Everton to cancel the new sponsorship deal with Under the provisions of the recently-signed agreement, Everton will receive $16 million per season.

The man behind the petition is Ben Melvin, a fan of the famous soccer club and a former gambling addict. According to him, since the brand’s logo will be on the team’s shirts, young people would be bombarded with it every time their team plays.

He also pointed out that the sponsorship deal with was against efforts to help individuals affected by gambling-related problems.

The 2020 survey conducted by the UK gambling regulatory body showed that more than one-third of minors aged eleven to sixteen had gambled over the previous twelve months. According to another survey, more than 1.4 Britons had suffered from gambling-related harm, with an additional 1.5 million at risk.

At the same time, the Betting Gaming Council says there’s no connection between betting sponsorship and gambling-related harm.

However, after losing around $584 million over the past three seasons, Everton can’t afford to lose the current sponsorship deal. Norwich had similar problems and eventually cancelled the partnership with online gambling company Dafabet.

The UK government is working on a new gambling law, which could include a ban on sponsorship deals with gambling companies. It’s estimated that such a move would cost soccer clubs more than $60 million annually.

Many other countries are considering changing their laws to ban these sponsorships, while Spain, Italy, and Belgium have already prohibited gaming advertisements. No club had any financial difficulties due to this decision, while only one Italian side ended up without a sponsor.

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