Ontario collects over $6m from sports betting

Ontario collects over $6m from sports betting

Published: September 30, 2021

Sports betting has exploded in Ontario, for it has accumulated over $6m during the first month of business.

The figures unveiled by OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) show that the customers have waited for the chance to place their bets. OLG owns the Proline+ platform that allows Ontarians to lay down legal single bets at an online casino for the first time.

After the passing of Bill C-218, the service officially debuted on August 27, 2021. According to OLG, 77% of all the bets throughout the first month were single-event wagers.

Furthermore, 1,000 players have taken part in the survey on sports betting, online betting and single-event betting legalization in Canada. Based on the results, 62% would probably make a single-event wager due to its recent legislation there.

The survey has found that over 50% of the players think that betting makes the live experience more entertaining. Roughly a quarter of them has said they will now watch more games live.

27% of the customers think betting has helped them neglect the fact they can’t attend matches. The results show nearly a half of the players lay a bet once a month, while a quarter of them wagers at least on a weekly level.

Another interesting finding shows that sports betting grows increasingly more popular amongst women. Ladies currently make up about a third of bettors in Ontario.

Almost two-thirds of frequent customers have confirmed betting gives them a topic to talk about with the crew. Over 50% of the players agree that betting spices things up, making events more interesting to follow.


Commenting on the considerable income, David Pridmore, OLG Chief Digital and Strategy Officer, has stated:

We’re excited to be first to market bringing Ontarians what they told us they’ve been looking for – a trustworthy, best-in-class platform that complements their sports watching experience. Since we launched our online sportsbook Proline+ in late August, we’ve already processed more than $6m in bets, and we’re expecting even more interest in the platform as more sports and leagues start new seasons and as our player base continues to scale.

About OLG

OLG is a government-owned corporation responsible for Ontario’s real money casinos, charity, lotteries and slots at racing tracks. Created in 2000 and based in Sault Ste. Marie, with the prize center in Toronto, it operates various gaming services.

It has five business divisions and promotes regulated and responsible gaming. In an attempt to modernize, it has introduced iGaming, which has recently become increasingly popular.

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