Ontario announces final betting standards

Ontario announces final betting standards

Published: September 19, 2021

The final iGaming event and sports betting regulatory standards have been released by AGCO.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario included changes to integrity rules and advertising standards in the release. Thus the province of Ontario took the first measures to expand its market.

After single-game sports betting became officially legalized in Canada, only provincial lotteries have applied it.

However, the new rules are included in AGCO’s current Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming, released in July 2021. They will take effect when the regulated market officially launches in Ontario.

There were discussions on Ontario’s approach and whether it will violate Canadian law. Nevertheless, these standards will pertain to all sports, esports, novelty, fantasy sports and betting exchange offerings.

The changes include more precise definitions, especially on events and sports-based betting, covering various types like single-game, teaser and exchange.

Furthermore, the introduced changes increase admissible betting conditions. They incorporate a minimum age to take part in bet-incurring events and prohibiting definitive financial-type wagers.

Certain changes apply to advertising measures as well. All advertisements must be completely truthful and not include any “risk-free“ or “free“ promotions unless they are considered as such.

Those who want to acquire an iGaming license can start preparing relevant documentation from September 13, 2021.

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Commenting on the announcement, Khalid Ali, CEO of the International Betting Integrity Association, stated:

The association welcomes the balanced and proportionate approach to betting integrity as set out by the AGCO in its Standards. In particular, the recognition of the benefits from operators being part of an integrity monitoring system. IBIA and its members look forward to working with the AGCO and wider Canadian stakeholders to protect sporting events and regulated betting markets from potential corruption.

About AGCO

AGCO is an Ontario-based regulatory agency founded in February 1998 under the Alcohol, Cannabis and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act, 1996.

It regulates gaming, alcohol and horse racing sectors, as well as cannabis retail. The regulation transpires according to the principles of integrity and honesty, administering all the relevant Acts related to the activity.

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