Nova Scotia Launches Its Online Casino Website

Nova Scotia Launches Its Online Casino Website

Published: August 1, 2022

The province of Nova Scotia has finally debuted an online casino through a partnership with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

Finance Minister Allan MacMaster has announced the debut of the new platform, which went live last week.

According to MacMaster, the decision to go on with the launch came after months of serious talks. The discussion included the provincial minister Brian Comer, responsible for mental health and addictions, and other officials working closely with Comer.

MacMaster pointed out it was impossible to overlook the influence of online gambling, as the number of people gambling online has rapidly increased.

An online casino in Nova Scotia will allow players from the province to gamble in a safe and secure environment. The newly-launched website includes play-wise tools, giving customers the option to set their playtime and spending limits.

With this move, Nova Scotia has become the second Atlantic province to offer online gambling to its residents. New Brunswick launched an online casino two years ago, netting $7.3 million in the first fiscal year of the operation.

The former Liberal government set the legal groundwork for the online casino launch. Last year, it approved the decision to allow an online casino in Nova Scotia. According to MacMaster, the provincial government will oversee the website and its operation.

The provincial Finance Department estimates the online casino will generate around $10 million in the first year alone. However, MacMaster says this wasn’t the main factor behind the decision to proceed with the launch.

Here’s what MacMaster said:

What really drove it was the fact that it’s out there. It exists without us and if we have a presence, well, at least maybe we can protect people and recoup some of the money that’s leaving our province.