NBA looks to attract betting big betting partners

NBA looks to attract betting big betting partners

Published: November 14, 2021

Various sports betting companies, including FanDuel, DraftKings and Caesars Sportsbooks, have attempted to acquire the NBA media rights. They will be available for grabs in 2022, with numerous prospective candidates expected to join the race.

The deal will officially launch in 2025, so there’s still time for other companies to participate. Multiple operators are trying to broaden their activities by breaking into mainstream sports, and the deal with the NBA would generate countless opportunities.

The NBA will look to increase the price as much as possible for the rights package. They currently have a deal with ESPN and Turner Sports worth approximately $24bn, but it is estimated the new one could be in the region of $75bn.

The two companies have retained the status quo since 2002. Front Office Sports says that the new deal will likely include betting-related content. The NBA was the first to accept gaming partners back in 2018, so the idea of involving sports betting in the package is no surprise.

Alongside MGM, NBA has teamed up with PointsBet, DraftKings, William Hill and FanDuel, to name a few companies. Tabcorp is also a partner in Australia, its official promoter and, in recent months, sports gaming partner.

Excluding the mentioned FOS’ reports, no official announcement has been made on the NBA’s contemplations regarding sports betting deals. However, the association will hardly miss this opportunity to cash in on the new agreement.

More than thirty states are currently offering different forms of betting, and the amount of money is far from insignificant.

New Jersey has accumulated over $1.01bn in bets in September 2021. It’s only natural to expect NBA bettors to become more competitive, and the incoming deal is a chance that won’t come twice.

About Sports Betting in Canada

Canada has recently legalized single-game sports betting after years of allowing parlay betting only. The new federal law has enabled provinces to regulate the activity and bring the money back to the country.

Canadians spend nearly $10bn a year on sports betting, and they have had the opportunity to wager safely in online casinos since August 2021. That’s when Bill C-218 was officially implemented.

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