Gateway’s North Bay to open in 2022

Gateway’s North Bay to open in 2022

Published: December 21, 2021

Gateway Casinos has announced its new venue in North Bay, Ontario, which will launch in early 2022, hiring over two hundred people. The works started in 2019, and the place was supposed to open in 2020.

The well-known circumstances have slowed down the construction, but, fortunately, it resumed in April 2021. Gateway Casinos hosted a two-week job fair, ending on December 15, 2021. The new opening will likely bring more than 200 new jobs locally.

Multiple new jobs are a great reason to support a casino in North Bay. The city officials expect to receive between $1m and $2m of annual profit, depending on the casino revenue.

North Bay always looks for various ways to enhance profits and reduce taxes, and the casino is to generate a million or two to North Bay. If everything goes as planned, the launch should occur at the beginning of 2022, bringing a significant profit to the community.

No exterior construction is happening currently, for staff is working inside the building. There is a lot of infrastructure-related work to do, for the wiring is crucial for a casino to function well.

A detailed electrical work needs to be finished, with a great deal beneath the flooring. The crew needs to deal with the kitchen amenities after they install everything.

The precise date of the official opening is not known, but the casino will hire all the staff in early 2022. The soft launch will occur before the casino opens for the public.

North Bay Casino under construction

Regarding the opening of the casino, Rob Mitchell, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Gateway Casinos, stated:

We’re hoping to open early in the New Year. We were very fortunate in terms of COVID that we were fairly well along in this build. We had purchased a lot of the construction materials and warehoused a lot of materials in advance of the lockdown really coming in at full force.

About land-based casinos in Canada

Up to 1985, most forms of gaming were illegal in Canada, but then, most of the provinces were allowed to monitor these activities. When gaming was finally allowed, it still required a few more years to gain significant popularity.

Every Canadian province takes care of its laws, some of them highly liberal, including Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. However, every type of legal gaming needs to be appropriately regulated.

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