Drake Wins a Staggering UFC Bet

Drake Wins a Staggering UFC Bet

Published: August 4, 2022

Apart from being a famous artist, Drake is also an avid gambler. He has once again made the headlines after returning to action at Stake.com, his favourite betting site. The Toronto-born-and-bred wagered on the UFC Fight Night 208 last weekend, taking home a hefty seven-figure win.

It looks like Drake has finally found the way to win consistently. In the recent UFC Night 276, he wagered $1 million on Israel Adesanya. His favourite beat Jared Cannonier and helped the rapper net $220,000!

This time, he bet on Paddy Piblett and Molly McCann. And while Pimblett was the favourite, betting on McCann was a bold move, as the US fighter was the underdog on Saturday. According to available information, Drake was in a good move, giving both fighters Rolex watches for their wins.
Screenshot of Drakes bet on UFC Fight Night 208
Typically, Drake places his money on underdogs. This time, he also wagered on a favourite, which proved to be the right thing to do and earned him a handsome payout.

As usual, Drake shared the news of his win with his followers on Instagram with a photo of his Stake.com betting slip. In addition to showing his staggering payout, the move aims to advertise the popular online casino site.

Reports say he bet around $2.3 million, netting nearly $1.5 million after his fighters won their respective matches.

Since releasing his debut mixtape in 2006, Drake has become one of the best-selling musicians in the world, with over 170 records sold. The list of the prizes he won includes prestigious industry awards such as Grammies, Billboards, Brit Awards, Juno Awards, and AMAs. Drake has been acting since the age of fifteen.