Dan Bilzarian ready for $100m Poker game

Dan Bilzarian ready for $100m Poker game

Published: October 27, 2021

The biggest heads-up poker match of all time might be in store, with Dan Bilzerian ready to take the challenge. Bilzerian says he has prepared his half of the proposed $100m amount and is set to face his opponent, an Israeli-born billionaire Alec Gores.

According to “The King of Instagram“, the game was Gores’ idea. Gores has allegedly been furious about the claims about the amount of money changing hands in a game from years ago.

Bilzerian’s new book “The Setup“ lists his big wins in the famous Hollywood big games. The notorious Molly Bloom organized the matches, later immortalized in the movie and book “Molly’s Game“.

Alongside those games, Bilzerian and Gores would also play heads-up games in which Bilzerian has reportedly taken home about $40m from him.

He claims Gores has recently contacted him to dispute the amount and proposed they play for “real money“. The initially proposed amount was $25m.

The social media playboy has proposed the amount of $50m apiece, and Gores accepted the challenge. Moreover, he has suggested the match should be televised as the biggest heads-up game ever.

Reports have said he has the funds prepared, and, needless to say, $2.5bn-worth Gores can do the same. The only thing left is setting up the date and time of the historic game.

Commenting on the possibility of the match taking place, Dan Bilzerian stated:

I said [to Gores] I’ll play you for $25 million at the Aria if you want to wire money over. And then he was like, ‘I don’t wanna play you unless it’s for at least $50 million.’ I was like, ‘I’ll wire in $50 million to the Aria in 10 days if you want to play, and we can televise it if you want.’ And so he’s challenged me twice, so I think we might play for $100 million.

About Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian is a social media personality who has allegedly made hefty amounts of money by playing poker. He has had minor success in official games, including participation in WSOP 2009 and finishing at 180th place.

However, high-stake private games are reportedly his playground, where he has supposedly amassed millions of dollars. He has recently become a brand ambassador of the GGPoker online casino, joining such poker icons as Daniel Negreanu and Felipe Ramos.

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