Bellagio Says Farewell to Picasso Collection

Bellagio Says Farewell to Picasso Collection

Published: October 25, 2021

Bellagio has recently publicly exhibited its prized collection of Pablo Picasso’s artwork for the last time before auctioning it.

The resort, whose art is owned by MGM, has had a free art show, “Picasso: Masterworks from the MGM Resorts Fine Art Collection”.

The famed collection, consisting of two ceramic works and nine paintings, is to be auctioned by Sotheby. The auction will take place at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art event that is to follow soon.

The famous auction house has already held a few pre-sale exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taipei and New York. The Picasso sale will generate a significant amount of cash for MGM.

They have perfected selling casinos and larger assets over the last few years. While not as lucrative, this auction will also bring a considerable influx of cash to the gaming company.

It is estimated the sale could accumulate approximately $100m. While it is far from the amounts the company usually dabbles in, it is certainly not to be sneezed at.

The two paintings expected to get the best price are “Homme et enfant” from 1969 and “Femme au beret rouge-orange”. The latter one has a gaming-related history.

MGM has acquired the painting from Steve Wynn, and it has garnered great appreciation over the years. It was last auctioned during the late 1980s and estimated at $900,000.

On the other hand, “Homme et enfant” represents Picasso’s legacy and later life. The two people symbolize Picasso’s artistic and human legacy as a painter and father.

Picasso at the Bellagio

MGM’s Picasso collection was displayed outside the restaurant at the Bellagio for over 20 years. Even without this famed collection, MGM still owns some of the most impressive artwork assortments in the world.

The operator still has three extensive collections in Las Vegas and one in both Maryland and Massachusetts.

About Bellagio

Bellagio is a popular resort widely recognized as one of the premium destinations in the world. Situated on the Las Vegas Strip, it has gained the reputable Five Diamond Award for the last eight years.

Useful for both business and pleasure, Bellagio’s restaurants offer award-winning comfort, including Le Cirque and Picasso. Tourists can also enjoy the spa, pool and Gallery of Fine Arts.

The resort features O, the classic Cirque du Soleil Production, with world-class performers delighting the customers. There are other top-tier nightlife options, including Hyde, Lily Lounge and the Bank.

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