ASA disregards complaints against 888 adverts

ASA disregards complaints against 888 adverts

Published: January 10, 2022

The Advertising Standards Authority has dismissed a couple of complaints against two Youtube video adverts noticed on Callum Airey’s channel. The adverts were from August 2021, with the appeals put forward by two parties believing the gaming app ads were inappropriate.

More precisely, they said the channel with an enormous under-18 following was not the place to see 888poker ads. The complainants even added the ads were directed at children and created in such a way to look appealing to them especially.

The team from 888 casino issued a response in which they said they paid Airey for the ads and maintained editorial control. The first video was, at first, not marked as an ad, but it is precisely labeled now. The gaming enterprise noted Airey was 25+ years old, and both ads had responsible gaming and 18+ disclaimers.

Moreover, an 18+ verbal statement was also present in both videos, with the company believing they had taken adequate measures not to attract children.

Additionally, the YouTuber himself said his channel did not have many under-18 viewers, supplying three screenshots to support his claims. His Youtube analytics showed the audience numbers classified by age.

The first picture showed the numbers for the first ad, displaying 7.5% as an under-18 audience. The second one showed 6% of the viewers fit that category, and the third one gave overall viewing numbers. It demonstrated that the total amount of under-18 viewers was 8.6%.

Furthermore, the ASA said it did not see the ads as particularly appealing to children or youths. It did not perceive the videos as related to the youth culture, so it did not discover any breach.

There is a strict set of rules regarding paid-organic content uploaded by third-party users in place of a marketer. They require that under-18s do not comprise 25% of the viewing audience. The figures Airey provided were considerably below the threshold, with the Instagram and Youtube statistics supporting the claim.

Therefore, the Authority concluded the ads were not targeting the under-18 audience, and no breach has occurred. The ASA had ruled against 888 in November 2021 over misleading advertising, but this time, the company committed no violation.

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