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Canadians have access to an impressive number of mobile casinos. However, that was not always the case! Online casinos are relatively new and mobile casinos only started taking off after smartphones started taking off.

Mobile casinos themselves have also improved over the years. They have gone from an interesting sideshow into something everyone is happy to play.

Of course, that transition is to be expected. The rise of mobile casinos was drawn by a simple fact: most online traffic comes from mobile devices.

Back in the day, that did not use to be the case. Before smartphones started taking off, mobile casinos were practically non-existent. Some attempts were made but they were incredibly basic.

Desktop continued to dominate the market during those times. Online casinos would only start taking mobile casinos more seriously after Apple’s iPhone started taking off.

As more and more people started buying smartphones, online casinos and software providers both wanted to get in on the action.

Mobile casinos faced a major issue early on: Adobe Flash. Both iOS and Android were not fond of Flash, owing to its many security problems.

However, the vast majority of casino games at the time were powered by Flash. During this time, most mobile casinos required players to install casino apps.

Most of the time, said apps required you to bypass security settings on your device to install. This kept mobile casinos from reaching their full potential.

However, the potential mobile casinos offered was obvious to everyone. That is why developers started moving away from Flash and started using HTML5 instead.

This meant that games could now be played via browser without having to download an app. This had a double effect. First, it made mobile casinos more secure since Flash was not an issue.

Second, it made playing in mobile casinos more convenient. Just register an account, log in, and you are ready to play: no downloads required!

Today, mobile casinos dominate the online casino space. All the efforts operators and software providers put in had an effect. However, the greatest contribution to mobile casinos came from smartphones themselves.

As we already mentioned, smartphones and other mobile devices make up the majority of all online traffic. For online casinos, putting mobile-first was not so much a choice as it was a necessity. However, we will not argue that the results have not been spectacular.

Top Mobile Casinos January 2022

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of trying all kinds of awesome mobile casinos. Operators make every effort to impress when it comes to winning casino members over.

These real money casinos have it all: great games, awesome promotions, and a variety of other awesome goodies to enjoy!

Up to $1,500
50 Free Spins
Up to $1,500
200 Free Spins
Up to $1500
50 Free Spins
Up to $500
150 Free Spins
Up to $500
100 Free Spins
Up to $1650
50 Free Spins
Up to $1000
600 Free Spins
Up to $1000
1000 Free Spins

Casino Apps Compared to Downloadable Apps

It is worth keeping in mind that online casinos have to cater to all kinds of mobile devices. The largest distinction lies between iOS and Android operating systems.

The first powers iPhones and iPads. All Android smartphones and tablets across the world use the second operating system. Mobile casinos have to account for both when designing their apps and mobile websites.

If you still plan to use apps, Android is the way to go. Mobile casinos that still have separate apps usually offer them for Android.

However, Android does not allow you to install casino apps through the Play Store. Because of that, players need to go into their security settings to allow third-party apps to be installed.

Toggling this setting does lower the security of your device, which is why many operators no longer offer apps. Instead, they prefer to handle everything through their website.

Meanwhile, casino apps on iOS mostly cover casino games rather than specific casinos. However, some operators have managed to sneak their casinos into the App Store.

Doing so does mean sticking to the strict rules Apple imposes. This is not something most operators want to deal with, so many choose to skip it.

After all, all iPhones and iPads can access and play casino games using their browser. Getting players to go through the website skips giving Apple a slice of all the deposits they place.

Should you use apps? While we like having more options, there is very little you can get from them. Having a separate install was useful back when casino games required the extra software to work.

Nowadays, everything is handled through HTML5, meaning casino apps are obsolete. On Android, they even pose a security risk!

Our advice? Stick to playing casino games through the mobile website. It is simpler, more convenient, and poses fewer risks.

Newest Mobile Casinos

For many players, an established casino with a good offer is all they need. However, a sizeable number of players also enjoy checking out the new online casinos on the market.

If you want to get on the ground floor for future top-tier websites, we recommend the following five mobile casinos.

Up to $1500
50 Free Spins
Up to $600
120 Free Spins
Up to $1,500
200 Free Spins

How We Compare Mobile Casino Sites

The rapid growth of mobile casinos gives us plenty of options to choose between. Of course, too many choices can be overwhelming! That is why we are here to highlight the very best and most interesting mobile casinos.

The review process works similarly to our reviews of online casinos. However, some differences do exist that we need to consider. When comparing mobile casino sites, we check several factors to help rank them. You can see what metrics we use listed below.

  • Mobile User Experience

    One of the key issues mobile users faced was a substandard experience on their phones or tablets. Sometimes, this came down to a weak device. Something that is, thankfully, no longer an issue.

    However, websites were known for messing up the mobile portion of their casino at times. Most of the time, this comes in the form of failing to adapt the user interface to mobile devices.

    This has thankfully become less prevalent as time goes on. If anything, we would argue the opposite has happened! Most online casinos are now designed for mobile-first, owing to the dominance mobile has over internet traffic.

    If the mobile user experience is good, players can enjoy everything else without minor annoyances getting in the way. If you do not have to fight the casino to have fun, the other things it has to offer will stand out even more.

  • Payment Options

    Many payment methods nowadays incorporate phones as an essential part of the process. One such example is the MuchBetter e-wallet. It requires you to download the MuchBetter app on your phone.

    All transactions to and from the e-wallet have to be verified through the app. This doubles up on the security of that particular payment method. Even if someone gets ahold of your account details, they would need your phone to confirm any transactions.

    Alongside phone-specific payment methods, we also track if any payment methods do not support mobile devices. This used to happen before, but we have not come across it often in recent years.

    Once again, this is owing to the fact most people use their phones and tablets to browse the internet. Payment processors adapted to avoid losing traffic, and mobile casinos reaped the rewards.

  • Casino Games

    In the era of games powered by Adobe Flash, mobile casinos often had massive gaps in their game libraries. Many titles were simply not supported on mobile.

    This left mobile casinos as substandard products. That is why we ensure mobile casinos we review offer the same games on both computer and mobile.

    Anything less than that is unacceptable in today’s day and age. Fortunately, like everything else on this list, the popularity of mobile devices fixed this problem.

    HTML5 made it simple to develop releases for both desktop and mobile simultaneously. That allowed software providers to offer the same games on all platforms with only minor user interface adjustments.

    Another step towards platform parity came in the form of more powerful phones and tablets. Both of these factors have made it so that many new developers often design games for mobile devices first. A massive improvement in a short time period!

  • Withdrawal Speed

    While mobile casinos have their worries, they are still a subsection of online casinos. That also means they have to deal with similar problems: including withdrawal speeds.

    Nobody likes spending a long time waiting for the casino to carry out payments. That is why our mobile casino reviews always consider withdrawal speeds.

    The faster a website carries out payments, the higher we rate it! For most online casinos, it takes between one to three business days to process withdrawal requests. Any casino that can beat that average quickly earns points with us.

    Withdrawal speeds will also vary depending on what payment method you choose. Withdrawing using e-wallets allows for instant withdrawals once the request is processed.

    By contrast, withdrawals via credit cards or bank transfers can take several days to arrive. That is why we recommend using e-wallets, especially mobile-friendly ones such as MuchBetter.

  • Customer Service

    No matter how perfect your mobile casino is, something always goes wrong. Players will run into an issue, or will just have a question about some game or casino bonus.

    When that happens, they will turn to the website’s customer service for help. Our reviews check how quickly the support staff responds. We also test what methods we can use to contact customer service if something goes wrong.

    E-mail and live chat are the baselines we expect from most online gambling sites. Some also offer support via phone. We only recommend using this option if the offered phone number is based in Canada.

    Response times vary slightly depending on what method you use to reach out to customer service. Live chat usually receives instant responses, though a wait of a few minutes is not unheard of. E-mail responses vary wildly between casinos but should not take more than a few hours.

  • License

    Even if an online casino gets top scores in all other categories, it can still stumble when it comes to licenses. Gambling regulatory bodies issue licenses to mobile casinos that follow their rules.

    The exact nature of said rules varies between regulators. For the MGA or UKGC, the rules are strict to ensure players get the best experience possible. Regulators from Curacao are a bit laxer, but their rules still ensure fair play.

    Is a license necessary for a casino to be good? Not always. We know some websites that are quite popular despite their lack of license. However, having a license goes a long way to reassure players your casino is legitimate.

    Given how many awesome mobile casinos with licenses are available, we do not see why you should settle for less. The added security provided by the license and its corresponding regulator is simply too good to pass up.

Best Online Mobile Casino Bonuses

Mobile casinos compete in many areas, and casino bonuses are no exception! The better promotions you have available, the better value for money you get. Most promotions offer some form of free spins round or deposit match bonus.

However, Canadians can also look forward to cashbacks, no-deposit promotions and other goodies. If you are looking for mobile casinos with the best bonuses, we compiled a list of websites to check out.

#1 Premier Casino

Premier Casino
Up to $1650
50 Free Spins
Mobile Casino
Mobile Casino
Mobile Casino
Mobile Casino Creditcard
Mobile Casino Paysafecard
Mobile Casino
  • Excellent slot section
  • Extensive live casino
  • Huge casino bonus

#2 Casino Rocket

Casino Rocket
Up to $1500
150 Free Spins
Mobile Casino
Mobile Casino
Mobile Casino
Mobile Casino
Mobile Casino Neteller
Mobile Casino Skrill
Mobile Casino Bitcoin
Mobile Casino Creditcard
  • Great casino game selection
  • Lots of payment methods supported
  • Bitcoin casino

#3 Rapid Casino

Rapid Casino
Up to $1000
600 Free Spins
Mobile Casino
Mobile Casino
Mobile Casino
Mobile Casino
Mobile Casino Creditcard
  • High quality slot section
  • $10 minimum deposit
  • Beautiful website design


  • What are the best mobile casino sites for Canadians?

    If you want the best mobile casino sites for Canadians, you will find them in our mobile casino reviews. In them, we go over all the important factors needed to impress players from Canada. The best casinos feature many payment options and casino games, fast withdrawal speeds, great customer service, and a reputable license.
  • Are all casino games available on mobile?

    Back in the day, mobile casinos did not have all casino games available. Due to mobile devices not supporting Flash and being underpowered, many releases were not available on mobile. Fortunately, that is no longer the case anymore! Players can enjoy the same casino games, regardless of whether they play on their computer, their phone, or their tablet.
  • Can I download casino apps in Canada?

    Canadians can download casino apps if they choose so. However, the selection is rather limited. Most online casinos are offshore websites not based in Canada. This lowers the number of casinos whose apps you can download directly from the store. Because of that, we recommend playing through a mobile website instead. It is more convenient and does not take up any space on your device!
  • Does playing on a mobile take up a lot of data?

    Many casino games are optimized not to take up more data than they need to. Even so, mobile casino games nowadays come with plenty of awesome animations and flashy effects. Most of these can be disabled to save up on mobile data. We recommend using these tools if you have a limited amount of data each month. It will keep you playing longer, which means more opportunities to win!
  • Are mobile casino sites reliable and safe to play with real money?

    Our reviews go in-depth when researching mobile casinos. We check their previous reputation, parent company, and if they have an active license. Websites that meet all three categories are the ones we rank as safe and reliable. If you want to find safe and reliable mobile casinos that accept Canadians, we recommend checking out our reviews.