Football Studio Dice
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 97.75%
Max Multiplier 80x
Football Studio Dice
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 97.75%
Max Multiplier 80x
Football Studio Dice Review

Football Studio Dice Review

While not the biggest game in Canada, soccer is undeniably the most popular sport on the planet. As such, it made the perfect choice for Evolution Gaming when deciding on the ideal mix of sports and casino betting.

The result is Football Studio Dice: a dice game with an exciting soccer theme. Does this release have enough to win Canadians over, or will it fail to score the goal?

Where to play Football Studio Dice?

The game will not be exclusive to any Canadian online casino. Instead, Evolution will simultaneously launch this release to all operators running their software. With so many options, you can take the time to check for websites that give you the best offer.

Licensed gambling sites with rewarding promotions, several payment methods, and responsive customer support are a cut above the rest. The following real money online casinos meet all these requirements, earning our recommendation.

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How to Play Football Studio Dice?

Evolution sticks to its theme completely in this game. The betting table is designed to look like a soccer pitch, very similar to their Football Studio game. Behind the host, the game screen displays which side is winning and how many consecutive wins it achieves.

If you have played Bac Bo before, you will know what to expect from this release. There are four dice shakers on the table. Two are on the Home side, and two are on the Away side.

The Home and Away scores are determined using the sum of two dice shaken on their corresponding side. The side that gets the highest score wins the round. You can bet that the Home or Away sides will win or that a Draw will happen.

Football Dice Studio does not display its results immediately. Instead, results are determined in two halves. During the first half, one Home and one Away dice shakers roll the dice and display the result.

Then the second half comes around, and the remaining two dice shakers show their outcome too. This approach allows this Evolution release to keep the excitement high until the very end of a game round.

Football Studio Dice Bonus

Football Studio Dice features & betting options

The developers opted not to include any side bets in this game. It is somewhat surprising, given how simple the gameplay loop is. However, a few features make tracking game results and enjoying soccer easier.

Evolution added the winning history tracker present on the right side of the betting field. In it, you can see the results of the last couple of rounds. That can be a helpful addition if you are trying to find a trend to exploit.

There is also a live match update field on the left side of the betting area. In it, you can see the latest news, live scores, and upcoming matches for several soccer leagues. You can set what leagues you want to track, too.

Football Studio Dice Online

Football Studio Dice RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

You can set wagers ranging from $1 up to $5,000 every game round. That said, this release’s minimum and maximum stakes may be different based on the operator.

Football Studio Dice has an RTP of 97.75% if you play the Home or Away bets. The Draw bet has a much lower expected RTP: just 95.68%.

However, the Draw is the only way to win the game’s top prize, worth 79:1. You need the total sum of both dice pairs to be twelve to win this amount. Any other Draw will only pay 7:1.

Bets Game Result Payout
Home Win 1:1
Away Win 1:1
Draw Two-dice total for each side: 12 79:1
Draw Two-dice total for each side: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10 or 11 7:1

Football Studio Dice hints and tips

This release has no strategies you can use to get ahead. It is straightforward and wholly based on luck. That is very much by design!

Evolution made this title the perfect play companion while betting on sports. You can play a few rounds while picking out matches or waiting for results to come in.

Final Thoughts

Football Studio Dice is perfect for you if you love soccer or want a fun and the live casino. It is a release that perfectly understands the audience it wants to capture and wholly caters to it.

We recommend trying this title out if what you have read seems attractive. If it is not your cup of tea, we have many more live casino games for you to check out.

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